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FAQ: My Treo 600's vibrate feature stopped working! Is there anything I can do?

FAQ #11: Troubleshooting. By treo.tc. Status: Flagged for Review, 19370 views. Flag for Review

Yes! There are a few things you can tryÖ First, go to: Calendar App > Sound Preferences Menu > Application: Calendar/Phone/SMS Make sure that on each one: Sound Mode On > Vibrate > On Sound Mode Off > Vibrate > On Second, if the above didnít work: Make a calendar entry that causes the alert to activate every minute. Set sound preferences so that it vibrates along with sound (and set switch at top to enable sound). Place phone in palm of right hand, screen side up, antenna towards you (I tried this with the antenna pointing away and couldn't get it to work). Every time you hear the alert, move your arm/hand/phone like you're knocking pretty hard on someone's front door, but instead of actually hitting anything, stop the movement suddenly in mid-air. Quit the movement when alert stops, resume when it starts again (or until vibrate motor starts moving again).

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