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Host a Treo Fiesta House Party

Fri Mar 30, 2007 - 2:24 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


Get your friends and family together on May 5th and celebrate Cinco de Mayo the Treo way through House Party.

If you own a Treo 650, 680, 700p, 700w/x or 750 (700 series and above), you can apply to host a special Cinco de Mayo bash, filled with great recipe ideas and festive party favors. You can show off your Treo smartphone with two innovative news-and-entertainment mobile services, MobiTV� and Handmark� Pocket Express�, and share exclusive special offers with your guests. And everyone will have the chance to win fun prizes�just by using your Treo smartphone!

Why host a Treo Fiesta House Party?

If selected, you'll receive...

  • The chance to win a new Treo smartphone and other prizes
  • Exclusive discount offers for Treo smartphones for you and your guests
  • A first-month-free trial offer of MobiTV� for you and your guests
  • A free one-month subscription to Handmark� Pocket Express� Elite Edition for you, and a free one-month subscription to Pocket Express� Executive Edition for your guests
  • A party package filled with fun, themed favors
  • Online recipes to spice up the party
  • A free party Web site, where you can send invites, share photos and videos, and interact with partygoers nationwide.

This sounds like lots of fun! A party with family and friends, showing off our Treos, and getting a chance to win some great prizes! I'll bring my Copper Treo 680 and the nachos! Well, let's get the party started! :-)

Thanks to Paul Loeffler from Palm for letting us at TreoCentral know about this! Read more here.

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