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Palm Desktop 6.2 Beta for Windows Available

Wed Jul 25, 2007 - 8:50 AM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


Palm has posted on its Support site a public beta (6.2) of a version of the Palm Desktop that supports Windows Vista. This software is intended to provide a Windows Vista-compatible version of the Palm Desktop software.

What's new in this software is that it has earned Microsoft's "Works with Windows Vista" designation. This beta software includes the new Palm Desktop 6.2 and Hotsync Manager 7 software. This beta software has the Install Tool which allows you to sync .prc and .pdb files (Palm OS applications and databases) to your device. However, this version does NOT inlcude the Palm Quick Install Tool. Also, this beta software has Outlook 2007 synchronization, which allows you to use your USB sync cable to synchronize with Outlook 2007's Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes.

Palm's support site states that before you install, to please be aware of the following limitations of this beta version:

This version of Palm Desktop does NOT include:

  • Palm Quick Install Tool: If a Palm OS application or device update uses a desktop wizard to guide you through the installation process, the wizard relies on the Palm Quick Install Tool, which is not available in this beta version. You will not be able to install handheld or smartphone software that is packaged in this manner. However, if the application is simply a .prc or .pdb file (Palm OS application or database), you can use the Install Tool to transfer it to your device.
  • VersaMail synchronization: You will not be able to sync email through the USB sync cable. Wireless email sync is not affected by this limitation.

You must uninstall previous versions: This version of Palm Desktop is only intended for new installations on Windows Vista. It does not support the upgrade of pre-existing Palm Desktop installations to this new version. You must uninstall old versions of Palm Desktop and HotSync Manager prior to installing this beta version. We show you how, below.

English only: Other languages are NOT supported.

Compatible Palm devices for this Palm Desktop 6.2 Beta are the Treo 755p, 700p, 680, 650, Palm TX, Z22, and the Tungsten E2. Those Not compatible are the Tungsten T5, LifeDrive, and the Treo 600.

If you plan to install this beta, keep in mind that it's only for computers that run Windows Vista. And be aware that Palm states on the support site:

Please note that the use of the software is at your sole risk, and it is provided "AS IS" and without warranty of any kind.

You can download and install the Palm Desktop 6.2 Beta for Windows here. Be sure to note the system requirements.

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