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Palm Centro Coming to GSM

Thu Oct 4, 2007 - 8:54 AM EDT - By Dieter Bohn


Gear Diary today published a new spy shot of a Palm Centro - notable for a few reasons: It has the "Treo" logo in the upper left and, more importantly, it has custom AT&T programs on the launcher. Gear Diary's shot below:

The first tidbit - the "Treo" name, is especially curious. Gear Diary identifies it at the Treo 500p. That naming convention fits somewhat nicely with the Treo 500v name for the Europe-only Windows Mobile Treo 500v. However, we do know that the "Centro" name was chosen relatively late - many early manufacturer demos of the Centro had the Treo name on the device, as did the Sprint Teaser page for the device. So it's highly unlikely that 500p will be the name for this device, we expect it to be Centro. Not to mention: the icon in the upper left is "My Centro."

As for the AT&T applications, that's new and interesting! The most interesting icon is clearly the Push To Talk Application. It's about time that feature made it onto a Treo in the United States. The other AT&T icons are likely just web shortcuts to AT&T online stores.

This new GSM Centro will likely be an EDGE-phone, unless Palm has successfully found a way to make Garnet/PalmOS work with HSDPA or UMTS 3G data. We know that the Centro is exclusive to Sprint for at least 90 days, so a January '08 launch looks likely for the Centro.

However, this isn't the first GSM Centro that we've seen. Back when everybody was speculating on what the device codenamed Gandolf would be, we showed the photos below, which clearly shows a white Centro on the Orange network (a European GSM network). It also shows the Treo 680's dialer app, so it's likely that will also make its way onto the GSM version of the Centro.

The Sprint version of the Centro will be available October 14th. Read TreoCentral's live report of the announcement and hands on with the Centro.

More details as we get them. Discuss this article in our Forums. Thanks to untouchablez for the tip!

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