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(Still) Unofficial Guide to GPRS

Tue Oct 1, 2002 - 10:04 AM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

Configure GPRS

GPRS with T-Mobile

If you use T-Mobile, their GPRS service is preconfigured on your Treo. Before you can start using the service you need to activate one of their Internet plans, starting at $19.99 for 5MB of data per month.

Once your account has been provisioned for GPRS you will see a tiny triangle in the signal strength indicator. You may have to turn the radio on and off for the phone to register on the network.

After noticing the triangle, simply go to Prefs >> Network and select T-Mobile Internet as your service.

It appears that the previous issues with T-Mobile's proxy server has been resolved. Users can now use Blazer without having to use a 3rd party proxy server. The information below is left until we can confirm that is the case.

T-Mobile uses a compression technology (VS Accelerator, aka SpeedWise) on port 80 that is currently incompatible with Blazer, so you need to use a proxy server to bypass it. A free proxy server is Port: 9666, but please register at before using it. Blazer's proxy settings are under Options > Blazer Preferences > Advanced > Set Proxy.

Another workaround offered by flight is to "use EudoraWeb or Xiino to load, then change the preference to turn the proxy OFF. I can then use Blazer for that session. This setting seems to reset from time to time, but the work-around seems to always work."

GPRS with Cingular

1. Sign up for the "Wireless Internet Express Data Connect" for connecting laptops and PDA's to GPRS through your GPRS enabled phone. This costs at least $6.99

2. Sign up at

After noticing the triangle, simply go to Prefs >> Network and select Wireless Internet Express as your service.

GPRS with AT&T

AT&T customers can leave APN, username, and password blank.

GPRS around the world

Users around the world on various GRPS networks are reporting successful connections on our discussion board.

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