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TreoSpot is Renamed Centroid

Mon Jun 9, 2008 - 7:31 AM EDT - By Neal Martin

TreoTown has renamed their TreoSpot app to Centroid. I mentioned TreoSpot, which was then in version 2.4, in a Treo Software Roundup last month. Centroid is now up to version 2.8.

To refresh your memory, Centroid is a Location Based Reminder and Phone Profile Settings utility for Palm Centro GSM smartphones. Once you set-up the Centroid database, you can enable alerts and phone profiles when you are in a specific area. This is useful in case you need to remember something (e.g., buy groceries, etc.) when you are in a particular place.

Centroid will work only on Palm Centro GSM Smartphones.

Features of Centroid:

  • Automatic collection of GIDs.
  • Change phone settings when you arrive at a particular location. (e.g., forward calls to your home land-line when you arrive there).
  • You can set the Theme, TimeZone (experimental), Mute Phone and System Sounds and Call-Forwarding.
  • Alert at a particular location (e.g., set-up an alert to purchase groceries on the way back from work, when you are near your favourite store).
  • Timed phone settings profile cancellation.
  • True one-handed operation.
  • Tiny PRC (~ 55 KB).

Centroid is still Free so go check it out!

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