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Sprint Airave launching this month?

Tue Jul 1, 2008 - 9:50 AM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


Remember when I reported on the Sprint Airave back in April? If not, the Sprint Airave is a device that creates a CDMA signal for your mobile phone (like a miniature cell tower). The Airave provides enhanced and reliable mobile phone coverage in your house or office even if your existing wireless coverage is poor. The Airave works by utilizing existing broadband data service to carry your mobile calls over the internet sort of like Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). Best of all, AIRAVE works with any Sprint CDMA handset. So Sprint Treo and Centro users, you have the option of improving your coverage. Airave enhances coverage up to 5,000 square feet.

Well, I just read over at Engadget Mobile that The Sprint Airave service is rumored to launch on July 15th, and the device will sell for $99 (along with a monthly charge). This info was via

We'd heard previously that AT&T was going to be begin testing this type of device/service. Well, I'm soooooooo ready AT&T! I won't go into another rant on how BAD my phone signal is at my house as you've heard it before repeatedly. But it's horrible. Have you seen those new Verizon commercials where a family is either traveling somewhere or about to move into a new house? In both cases, someone (a seemingly creepy and scary individual) warns them that the house or particular area is a "Dead Zone" and they won't get a phone signal. Then a family member points over to the Verizon (Can you hear me now?) guy and his crew and says that they have Verizon, so they're good. Well, I evidently live in one of those creepy "dead zones". Maybe not exactly "dead", but extremely weak anyway.

I know lots of people on different carriers who have a very poor signal or no signal at all. So that's good news for Sprint users that the Airave might be out this month! I'm sure that many of you Sprint users living in areas with weak or no signal will be happy to get your hands on one.

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