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Vaja Treo Case

Wed Nov 6, 2002 - 9:32 AM EST - By Dieter Bohn

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> Name Leather Pouch for Handspring
> Company Vaja
> Dimension 4-6/8" x 2-6/8" x 1-1/8"
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Vaja Case

Sometimes I feel like people don't give my Treo the proper respect. Here's a typical conversation I have on nearly a daily basis.

Philistine: "Hey, is that one of those PDA-Cell phone dealies?"
Me: "Yes, actually, it's a ..."
Philistine: "Oh. Neat." .

It's at times like these that I want to shake people and tell them what a great device it is. I also feel a wildly unreasonable urge to coddle and comfort my Treo.

The "788x Classic Leather Pouch for Handspring TREO 180 - 270 - 300 with Ultra Clip" by Vaja takes care of both problems quite handily. On the one hand, it is about as professional looking as you could possibly get for a holster, and on the other, it treats the Treo very nicely by protecting it with leather and padding.

The Look, the Feel of Vaja...

Vaja is known for the quality of its cases, and the build of this case is no different. It is literally a pleasure to hold. The Treo fits in it perfectly, the stitching is excellent, the thing even smells good! Opening it up is a matter of popping a snap (no messy velcro here), and the Treo just glides right out (or in). Why Vaja didn't deign to call this the "Executive Treo Holster" is beyond me, the case pretty much screams professionalism and quality.

The Vaja case is sturdy, solidly clipping onto the nub-style belt clip, and rotating about it freely. This design confused me at first--why would you need to be able to remove a holster-sytle case from your belt? However, I quickly found it fairly convenient to just pull the whole thing off my belt and set it down while I was at my desk. Instead of a Treo sitting there on your table, there is a nice leather case--fits in well with your scotch and cigars. ;-)

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