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Palm Infocenter Looks at the Electric Blue Centro

Wed Jul 16, 2008 - 5:04 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

Ryan over at Palm Infocenter has gotten his hands on the new "electric blue" Palm Centro. Mmmmm, nice! I believe I'm starting to like that electric blue more than the cobalt blue.

Ryan says that the electric blue color is very vibrant and really "pops" in person. He also said that the color has a subtle sparkle finish that isn't overwhelming with sparkle. I've always thought that a little sparkle looks great and is a really nice touch.

Ryan points out that the included stylus matches the electric blue Centro. That's good to know. I just wish that the styli of late weren't so flimsy. Remember those nice metal styli with some heft to them? Ahh, those were great! I especially loved the telescoping metal stylus on the Tungsten T3! And the Tungsten E stylus was a great one too. But I can understand Palm wanting to save some money. I'd rather have a flimsy stylus anyday than a flimsy Treo or Centro body. My Black AT&T Centro feels really solid and I love it!

Ryan has lots of juicy photos of the electric blue Centro so head on over there and get a look! They are definitely drool worthy. My favorite one is the pic I included here showing the backlit keyboard in the dark. Now is that sweet or what? Thanks for the look at the electric blue Centro Ryan! ;-)

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