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Sprint AIRAVE confirmed for August 17th

Wed Jul 30, 2008 - 8:06 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


I've been trying to keep up with the goings on with the Sprint Airave since I first heard about it. To refresh your memory, The Sprint AIRAVE is a device that creates a CDMA signal for your mobile phone (like a miniature cell tower). The AIRAVE provides enhanced and reliable mobile phone coverage in your house or office even if your existing wireless coverage is poor. ***Raises Hand!***

I reported earlier this month about reading at Engadget Mobile that the Sprint Airave service was rumored to launch on July 15th. Well, according to WMExperts, Sprint made it official this morning that starting August 17, Sprint customers will be able to purchase the AIRAVE at Sprint stores across the country for $99.99 (taxes excluded).

Customers are required to subscribe to the AIRAVE enhanced coverage plan, which is priced at just $4.99** per month in addition to the customer's regular wireless voice plan. Customers who do not have one of Sprint's unlimited voice plans, such as Simply Everything, can get unlimited in-home calling by subscribing to the optional AIRAVE Unlimited Voice plan for an additional $10 per month** for individuals or $20 per month for families.** For more information, customers can visit

Key Features:

  • Works with any Sprint phone � up to three users at the same time.� (�Does not work with plans or services operating only on the Nextel Nationwide Network.)
  • Installs in minutes with your existing broadband Internet access, such as DSL, cable or T1.
  • Unlimited incoming and outgoing calls, including nationwide long distance, when using your Sprint phone and initiating your call on the device (requires an AIRAVE unlimited calling plan).**
  • Automatically transfers calls to the Sprint Nationwide Network once you leave your home or office.� (�Calls transfer dependent upon sufficient signal from the Sprint Network beyond the range of the AIRAVE Base Station.)
  • Limit access to your AIRAVE by creating a list of up to 50 approved Sprint phone numbers.

Here's what you'll need to get everything set up: Active Sprint phone(s), Sprint voice plan, Broadband Internet access, such as DSL, cable or T1, Available Ethernet port - either on your modem or via a router - to connect AIRAVE to your broadband data service, and an available power outlet.

Well, it starts getting a little pricey when you add in the $4.99 monthly coverage charge and the unlimited calling plan charges, but the unlimited calling plan charges are optional of course.

If you have horrible coverage in your home or office, you might feel that the price is worth it. If AT&T were offering this type of service, I'm sure I'd bite because my signal is beyond poor. I'm glad that we're beginning to see products like the AIRAVE because everyone doesn't have a great signal. Those of you who do however, consider yourselves lucky.

If you're a Sprint customer and you want to improve your wireless coverage, you'll get to start doing so next month if you get the AIRAVE! ;-)

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