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Treo Pro Shipping Today in U.S.? Yes Indeed!

Wed Sep 24, 2008 - 9:14 AM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

Shipping Yet?

Okay Okay, last one really! Palm has just put out a press release announcing that the Treo Pro is now available in the United States.

Regarding Support and Service, Palm says:

An enterprise product deserves enterprise-caliber support. Total cost of ownership is critical to Palm's business customers, and IT hardware cycles often exceed typical 12-month consumer warranties. Palm therefore is offering a 24-month limited warranty for qualifying business customers who deploy Treo Pro within their organizations. Should their smartphone require repair, customers can feel confident that they are protected from unforeseen costs and that Palm-authorized technicians will repair it or replace it with genuine Palm parts. The 24-month limited warranty lets companies extend the life of their investment, lowering the total cost of ownership and removing the burden from IT in the second year.

You can read more about Support and Service, and the full press release here.

Last Update: I got word from Palm that my Treo Pro has been shipped! Several others have let me know that theirs have too. And Donald, one of our readers, just told me that he has actually just received his!:

Mine just arrived by UPS overnite at my office outside Boston.

Congrats Donald! I hope everyone else gets their very soon! And Thanks Palm for getting our new devices out the door!

Update 3 Finally, it seems that the Treo Pros are Actually really really in stock now! John and fellow writer Brian got an email saying that their order status had changed and that the Treo Pro is in stock. I got the same email and apparently so did Dieter and several other readers. My email said, "You can expect to receive your item(s) between 10/03/08 and 10/09/08". So it won't be long now folks! ;-)

Update 2: Well, there sure has been some confusion about when the Treo Pro will actually be shipping to those who pre-ordered in the U.S. Dieter and I heard from a Palm rep yesterday who told us that nothing's changed in the Treo Pro's status. Palm is still taking pre-orders, and still expect availability in the first two weeks of October. Well, I'm still a little confused because when I just now clicked on Palm's Store to see what the Availability status of the Treo Pro was, the page still states: IN STOCK, usually ships in 1 - 2 full bus. days. Hmmm, looks like if it's actually in stock, those pre-orders of ours would already be shipping. Maybe Palm just hasn't updated that particular page yet?

Update: I just received another email from John:

I just spoke to a rep at palm and then a supervisor at palm sales. He said that there was an error with the site and the 1-2 business days listing is wrong. He said the have made a request to the palm web guys to change that. He said that it may not ship until the 1st or 2nd week of oct. he said that he had communication go out to palm today trying to find out better information on the ship dates of the treo pro. He said he will email me with the info when he gets word back from them. Also he said that my cost for overnight shipping will be credited back to me after it ships. You never know how reliable this info is. But I figured Id pass it on.

As we reported two weeks ago today, Palm began taking pre-orders for the Treo Pro. Palm's website had stated that the orders would ship within 2-3 weeks.

John, one of our readers, had written in and told me that he had been informed by a Palm rep that the Treo Pro would begin to ship within a week. Obviously, that wasn't exactly correct. John wrote me again last night and let me know that he'd called Palm again and was told that "the Treo Pros are starting to ship today in order of their pre-order time." And that his should ship within the next 2 days.

Thanks for the info John! ;-)

And sure enough, I just now checked Palm's Store and upon clicking on the Treo Pro and looking at "Availability", it states: In Stock, usually ships in 1 - 2 full bus. days." WhooHoo!

However, when I checked my order status just now, it still says that the item is back-ordered. And under Status, it says: Special Order: Awaiting inventory. Oh well, hopefully that will change very soon.

Be sure to check out this Treo Pro thread in our forums and let us know if you've received your Treo Pro in the U.S. yet.

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