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Palm Dares to "Be Different" - Gastro Pub in UK Tapped for Week-long Treo Pro Event

Tue Oct 7, 2008 - 11:17 AM EDT - By Annie Latham

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All next week, as part of the launch of the Treo Pro in the UK, Palm Europe is doing a very hip event that feels almost Apple-like. Within The Truman Brewery on London's fashionable Brick Lane, Palm will have a pop-up gastro-pub named The Black Sheep. For five nights it will be the home (and stage) for mavericks, innovators and those that refuse to follow the herd. The underlying message here is that the Treo Pro is for those who want to "Be Different."

Interesting... Seems like sort of a twist on Apple's "Think Different" campaign (1997), which sought to capture the spirit of the original Macintosh launch - as witnessed in Apple's most famous "1984" Super Bowl ad.

Per the announcement distributed by Palm Europe last week (and posted by Phones Review of the UK), "slated to appear at The Black Sheep are: Piers Morgan former editor of News of the World and Daily Mirror, Karren Brady CEO of Birmingham City FC, synth-pop pioneers Human League giving a one off performance (on October 14), along with a primetime comedian and a Beijing Olympic gold medallist!"

Guests will also be invited to enjoy "a stunning two-course meal by Michelin starred chef Brett Graham, head chef at The Ledbury in London's Notting Hill, and have the opportunity to sample the new Palm smartphone."

Fun times. Since most of us won't be able to cross the pond to participate, we can do the next best thing - check out The Black Sheep website.

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