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Kinoma Offers Palm OS Player 4 for Free

Fri Oct 10, 2008 - 9:44 AM EDT - By Jay Gross

Kinoma, makers of the feature-laden Kinoma Player, has announced a new product, Kinoma Player 4 for Palm OS. The best part is: it's free.

You read right. Kinoma Player 4 is a free edition of the company's flagship Palm OS product, Kinoma Player 4 EX, now in version 4.5. The free version plays music, of course, plus podcasts and Internet radio. It also displays pictures and shows YouTube videos. Both products include Orb support. That lets you stream your music, video and movies from home - with a few gotchas.

Kinoma brags that they were "the first in the world to support YouTube on mobile devices." Kinoma Player 4 includes the same YouTube support as Kinoma Player 4 EX, so you can play your favorites on your Palm OS Treo or Centro.

The package includes a 15-day free trial of AAC audio so you can see how it works with your iTunes music library and high-quality AAC internet radio streams. AAC's another music file format, like we need so many, good grief!

The program will display, browse, search, and play photos and photostreams from Flickr, SmugMug, and other popular sites. Free's a really great price for all this. Says Kinoma, in their blog:

Free? Really? It's true! For some people, Kinoma Player 4 will be all they need. But we know that once people try Kinoma Player 4, many will upgrade to Kinoma Player 4 EX to get it all. Whether you upgrade or not, we think everybody should be able to enjoy a great media experience on their Palm Centro or Palm Treo smartphone.

You can get the free player here, and check for further information at If you dial up from your mobile browser, the download lands directly on your phone. However, you can also download to a PC. Naturally, downloads to your phone, as well as YouTube and the other Internet-bound niceties, depend on a data connection from your phone.

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