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Motorola EQ5 Portable Wireless Speaker

Tue Nov 18, 2008 - 10:02 AM EST - By Neal Martin

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When I saw the picture of the Motorola MotoROKR EQ5 in the TreoCental store, I thought "man, that's a big speaker!". I didn't read the 'pocket-sized' description, LoL. But, despite the fact the EQ5 fits easily into your pocket, this speaker does have BIG sound!

I'm not joking, this little speaker will rock! The EQ5 delivers impressive high-definition stereo sound. Of course, it can't compete with the subwoofer in your car, but the bass ports on this little beast provide ample deep tones to make listening to the EQ5 a pleasurable experience for me.

I'm a huge fan of Bluetooth, as I HATE the old hassle of wires, wires.. EVERYWHERE! The EQ5 is small AND has no tethering wires to tie you down - meaning you can pick it up and go!


The EQ5 weighs in at an ultra-light weight of 100 grams or around 3.5 ounces! It measures approximately 2.5" tall by 4.5" wide and only 1/2" thick! As I said, you can easily carry it in your pocket or use the discreet, fold-away stand to stand the speaker on your desk. I've compared the size of the EQ5 to my Centro and Treo 750 and its thickness to that of my Centro below.

The EQ5 is a rugged speaker as well. A metal grill protects the internal speakers and there are no external buttons to be broken off should you drop the unit.

What would be the point of a wireless Bluetooth speaker if it didn't support A2DP? Well, the EQ5 fully supports A2DP v1.2, and streaming music is a breeze. When I started playing a tune, my wife came into the room and asked where that loud music was coming from. I pointed to the speaker and told her all that 'racket' was coming from there! Motorola calls the sound "SRS WOW HD�", and I agree with the "WOW"!

What? Your music player isn't Bluetooth capable? No worries, the EQ5 also comes with a 3.5mm jack, so you're covered! To wire my Treo 750 to the EQ5 would require a 2.5mm -> 3.5mm adapter, which is available in the TreoCentral Store for $5.95, but I prefer wireless!

The EQ5 boasts up to 8 hours play time and I can vouche that it does, indeed, allow you to listen to your favorite music and/or hold phone conversations for a LONG time! The built-in noise reduction makes for a pleasurable phone conversation, and the echo-cancellation is a blessing when compared with earlier generations of similar devices. I sure don't miss hearing myself say something, only to hear it again a bit later echoing through my speakerphone!

Let's Rock!

To stream music from my Centro to my EQ5 requires using a program such as Softick Audio Gateway which can be purchased for $19.95 in the TreoCentral Store, as the Centro doesn't natively support A2DP. Once Audio Gateway is running, though, the EQ5 is a joy to listen to!

Playing music on the EQ5 is as simple as using any CD-player. Simply hit the play, rewind/previous, fast forward/next, stop or the volume up or volume down buttons.

The EQ5 as a Speakerphone

While listening to music, if you receive a phone call, the call indicator light flashes on the unit. You can choose to answer the call by hitting the call button at the top of the unit or you can reject the call by hitting either the rewind/previous or the fast forward/next button on the face of the unit. Your music will automatically pause when you hit the call answer button. You can also reject a second incoming call by hitting the aforementioned buttons. While not on a call, you can hit the call button to dial a number by voice, provided your phone is set up for voice dialing - or you can hold the call button, which will dial the last dialed number. Should the volume be too loud or not loud enough during a call, you can adjust the call volume with the volume up/down buttons just as you would for music playback.


I've used the EQ5 for about a month now and can honestly say that this speaker rocks! The name MotoROKR is, indeed, appropriate! How Motorola managed to get such a big sound from such a small speaker is beyond me. Everyone that hears my EQ5 is simply amazed by such clarity and sheer volume from this mighty speaker! Want a small, portable speaker that packs a whallop? Then the Motorola MotoROKR EQ5 is perfect for you!



Design 5
Sound Quality 5
Usability 5
Cost/Benefit 4
(not an average)
  • Light-weight and pocket-sized
  • SRS WOW HD� for awesome sound quality
  • More than ample volume
  • Bass ports for rich bass
  • Plays music and doubles as speakerphone
  • 8 hours playback time
  • Cons
  • At $109.95, some may find the EQ5 a bit pricey, at least until they listen to it

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