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Sprint Treo Pro Likely to Hit January 25th, Treo 800w EOL?

Sun Dec 14, 2008 - 11:09 PM EST - By Dieter Bohn


As noted at sister-site WMExperts, Engadget Mobile has posted new Sprint documents indicating a January 25th launch for the Sprint version of the Treo Pro.

Pricing looks to be $249 with contract and $549 without, placing it at a price point below the current Treo 800w. The document describes the Treo Pro thusly:

Target Market: Advanced Connected - Replaces the Palm Treo 800W. Key Features: Internal Antenna, Touch Screen PDA, Dedicated ringer on / off button, Bluetooth, Sprint TV, 2.0MP camera.

In other words, the Treo Pro for Sprint will likely replace the Treo 800w, which will now go down as the Treo with the shortest life ever. As discussed in our forums, that certainly doesn't mean that Sprint and Palm will cease to support the Treo 800W or even necessarily cease to sell it in the short term. Sprint has always kept stock of discontinued devices for repairs and warranty replacements.

There is already a lively discussion going on in our Treo 800w forums, join in the discussion there!

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