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Tue Apr 14, 2009 - 1:56 PM EDT - By Neal Martin

I've never messed with a machine running MacOS, but I've read what a headache it can be to try to sync your Mac with your Windows Mobile device/Pocket PC! I've even heard some of the paid software that is designed to ease the pain of syncing your Mac with your WM device may or may not run into new problems on machines running Leopard. Well, I read over at PalmAddicts that Eltima Software has released version 1.4 of its SyncMate software!

SyncMate is referred to as the missing link between your Mac and your Pocket PC. With SyncMate, you can synchronize Contacts and Calendar with their analogs Address Book and iCal via USB cable or WiFi. Also, with SyncMate, no matter where you are and what device you are using, your address book will always be synchronized, and your calendar will be always within reach!

And, these features are available in the FREE edition of SyncMate! Let's check out some of the other great features of SyncMate!

Full Feature List:

  • Synchronize Favorites, Contacts, Calendar, Notes in mobile device accordingly with their analogues Bookmarks, Address Book, iCal, Stickies on Mac OS
  • Ability to work with iTunes and iPhoto (Expert Edition)
  • Simple installation of applications to your mobile device
  • Synchronize separate folders (Expert Edition)
  • Resize images while copying (Expert Edition)
  • Ability to synchronize time in mobile device with TimeSync plugin (Expert Edition)
  • Easily get device info (type of device, OS, owner's name, memory status (internal memory and flash card), battery state, time, alarms, etc.)
  • Examine memory status diagram and its legend
  • Track all operations which SyncMate handles by actions log
  • Ability to manage Drafts, Sent and Deleted items, Inbox and Outbox SMS (Expert Edition)
  • Build-in converter, which compresses video to MPEG4 (Expert Edition)
  • Synchronization via USB cable and WiFi
  • Compatibility with Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2005/2006, Windows Mobile Smartphone 2005/2006

Then, there's the Expert edition of SyncMate, which gives you even more control over what you can sync! Synchronize iTunes and iPhoto to keep all your favorite music and pictures within a click of a button. Manage all text messages without even touching your Pocket PC! Send, receive, create and delete SMS when working at your Mac - that's what SyncMate Expert gives you.

For a full comparison of features of the free edition versus the expert edition, head over to the SyncMate home page and click on Expert Edition!

By all means, head to the SyncMate page anyway and check out SyncMate for yourself! After all, there is the FREE edition, so what do you have to lose??

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