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OtterBox Unveils Impact Series for Palm Treo Pro

Sun Sep 6, 2009 - 7:17 PM EDT - By Annie Latham

OtterBox just introduced a new case for the Palm Treo Pro, which offers the perfect balance between smartphone protection and convenience. It is called the OtterBox Impact Series for Palm Treo Pro.

The protection comes via one simple layer of silicone which safeguards your device against drops and daily mishaps as you make phone calls, schedule appointments, check your email or surf the web.

For added protection, the Impact Series from OtterBox features inner coring to help dissipate impact away from your smartphone, preventing costly damage or destruction. A self-adhering clear screen protector prevents scratches and is easy to apply with an included installation card. All Impact Series cases also include a microfiber cleaning cloth to keep your device and case looking brand new.

The Impact Series for Treo Pro allows full access to all device features including speakers, camera, volume buttons, microphone, power button, mute switch, stylus and USB/charge port.

Palm Treo Pro Impact Case (SKU#PLM1-TPRO1-20-C5OTR) runs $19.95.

You can learn more about it by going to the OtterBox website.


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