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Calling All Mobile Expressionists!

Wed Dec 22, 2010 - 12:57 PM EST - By Annie Latham

I got an interesting "push" today from one of my newsletters - "FierceMobileContent."

The Subject read, "Are you a Mobile Expressionist? Find out."

The body of the message started with the phrase:

"A new kind of artist."

I quickly scanned it and saw this push was actually from HP Palm for HP webOS which they said, "provides today's artists with the tools to create."

They seem to be rallying around the phrase "Mobile Expressionist" as developers who are innovating by challenging the limits of expression on cell phones.

The call to innovate with HP webOS points to the following attributes:

> Open platform: Same programming languages as the web
> Easy: port and distribute OpenGL/SDL games quickly and easily.
> Friendly. Great support for developers.

Following the link brings you to the HP Palm Developer's page, where you can view profiles of Mobile Expressionists.

Examples include:

> Brothers Rob and Dennis Bredow. Employees of Sony Imageworks by day, HP webOS Mobile Expressionists by night.

> Shane O'Sullivan. Software engineer develops a hobby – the HP webOS homebrewer's story.

Our sister site, PreCentral, did a write-up. And the phrase "mobile expressionist" seems to be gaining some traction.


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