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Going up! Sprint to Boost Data Plan Fees

Wed Jan 19, 2011 - 10:04 PM EST - By Annie Latham

You know that $69.99 unlimited plan that Sprint has been heavily promoting? Say goodbye for anyone signing up for a new smartphone.

According to a story in The Wall Street Journal, Sprint Nextel is planning to add a $10 fee on top of its smartphone data service plans starting later this month.

Those with the Evo 4G and the Epic have already been feeling the pain of this $10 bump. Starting on January 30, it will expand to all of the smartphones Sprint sells. However, those of you with an old school Palm Pre, no worries. Existing contracts are not impacted.

The Journal story had a nice chart comparing how the smartphone data plans look across wireless carriers. Comparing apples to apples, it uses Sprint's fully loaded plan.

Here's Sprint's current comparison chart:

We still haven't seen what Verizon's game plan is for the iPhone. From the looks of things, people should prepare for triple digits.


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