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Treo 180 Reviewed

Wed Mar 6, 2002 - 1:37 AM EST - By James Hromadka

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Product Info
> Name Treo 180
> Company Handspring
> Size 4.3" x 2.7" x 0.7"
> Standby Time 60 hours
> Input Type Thumbtype Keyboard
> Processor 33 Mhz DragonBall VZ
> OS Palm OS 3.5.2H2
> Talk Time 2.5 hours
> Other Features Jog rocker, Ringer switch with vibrate option, Headset jack, Personal speakerphone, Protective flip lid, GPRS upgradeable upon availability, Microphone.
> Memory 16 MB
> Color Steel Blue
> Screen 160x160 4 bit greyscale
> Fact Sheet & User Opinions
> Available
> $249

Other Hardware

In terms of other hardware, the Treo 180 has a built-in microphone above the DateBook button, an audio switch and a power button on top (press power twice for the backlight). When the audio is switched off, only silent alerts are heard. All cell phones should have this feature. The back of the Treo has a small door that can be removed to get access to the SIM card slot. This cover is also where the reset hole is. The antenna on the Treo juts out less than 1" and never got in my way.

In fact, the Treo never gets in the way. I thought I would hate the flip phone style, but I like that it protects the screen, which is still viewable when closed. I can press the DateBook button and scroll through my calendar using the Jog Rocker without ever opening the lid. The Treo is small enough to fit in my front pants pocket, and I have actually forgotten that it's there.

The HotSync cable doesn't get in the way either. The A/C adapter can plug directly into the the Treo so you can charge it when not near a computer. This is something that Pocket PCs do, and all handhelds should have this feature. A USB HotSync cable connects the Treo to your computer in a manner similar to the Visor Prism and Edge models, but has a button on the cable to initiate HotSync. No more cradles!

Internal Hardware

Internally, the Treo has a 33 MHz DragonBall VZ processor and has 16 MB of RAM, and as with other Handspring products, no flash ROM. The internal speaker seems to have been improved, as the System beep on its lowest setting is much louder than my Visor Prism. As I mentioned earlier, the microphone is above the calendar button and seems adequate. I was able to speak to my brother just fine while listening to a friend play at a local bar. The speaker in the flip piece worked pretty well as well. It could be louder, but I have no complaints about it, other than noting that it is important to have your ear over the speaker holes; otherwise the volume may not be loud enough.

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