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Silicone Skin Case

Fri Nov 5, 2004 - 10:19 PM EST - By James Hromadka

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Although the Treo 600 is one of the more compact smartphones on the market today, it is still significantly larger than most cellphones. I slide my Sony/Ericsson K700 into my front pocket all the time without thinking, but my Treo 600 has to be "angled" in a certain way to be careful.

Because of the size of the Treo 600, users that want to carry it in their pocket or purse and want some protection will want a thin, form-fitting case that protects their investment from scratching from keys, coins, etc. will really appreciate the sleekness of the Silicone Skin Case.


The Silicone Skin Case takes little effort to put on the Treo. The bottom of the case is open and has short slits on the sides that allows you to slowly and snugly get the Treo inside, and it also makes the headset and HotSync ports available.

Here is a list of Treo parts that are exposed:

  • Front - screen and ear speaker (all buttons are covered)
  • Top - SD slot, Power, Volume switch, stylus slot, antenna
  • Back - Camera lens, Reset pinhole, and some small slits
I really like how the Silicone Skin Case adds essentially nothing to the size and weight of the Treo. The case stays out of the way, with no covers to get in the way when you're on the phone or need to use the keyboard. For anyone keeping their Treo in a pocket or purse, it is important to use screen protection to prevent scratching. As the silicone is only a few millimeters thick, it may not protect the Treo from a severe drop, but a minor drop or two has seen my Treo come out none the worse for wear.

The case is translucent with a light blue tinge and has a rubbery feel to it. This keeps the case from sliding across a table or off the front seat of a car. It does make it a little harder to get in and out of a pocket though. The front buttons are all covered and have small nubs that go over the keys. It takes some adjusting to use the keyboard, but I could still type effectively. I do wish the nubs over the keys were a little easier to see through, as the letter and number symbols are hard to see in normal light. They shine through great though when typing in darkness.

A keyboard cutout version will be available in the next few weekss. In the meantime, enterprising users could always take an exacto knife to the area if needed.

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