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M130 Headset

Tue Nov 23, 2004 - 12:30 AM EST - By James Hromadka

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Product Info
> Name M130 Headset
> Company Plantronics
> Bluetooth No
> Ears Right, Left
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> Available
> $24.95


In this new age of Bluetooth Treos and wireless headsets, its easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options now available to Treo owners. Sometimes one doesn't want to have to keep up with another device to charge or only needs a simple, inexpensive headset to use in the car or on long phone calls. The Plantronics M130 is the headset for this kind of person.

Features & Usability

Although the Treo comes with a headset, it's the kind with a microphone on the cable. Whether it's psychological or not, I always see people picking up the microphone part of the cable and speaking directly into it. That destroys the entire point of having a headset! Wearing the M130 helps fix that, as it has a boom mic that can be adjusted vertically so that it is properly aligned with the mouth. The earhook swings freely along either side of the boom, and switching ears is as easy as pulling the earhook straight out and flipping the headset over.

The M130 comes with two types of covers for its speaker -- a traditional fuzzy cover and a rubber directed one that looks like the lid of a toddler's drink but works really well. I've never been a fan of in-ear headphones with the fuzzy covers. They always seemed too big for my ear and ended up irritating me after a short period of use. I really like the "toddler cover" (I really need to find a more technical term!) as it was more comfortable and seemed to direct audio better to the ear.

The boom can also be moved horizontally slightly as well, but this can impact the placement of the speaker. I usually push the earpiece in slightly, which moves the boom mic further from my face but still seems to work just as well for the person listening on the other side.

I really liked wearing the M130 headset. It has the right amount of options for an inexpensive headset and is very adjustable and comfortable. I have less fear of it falling off than with other headsets that I've tried. The speaker works very well and is sufficiently loud enough for most situations. The noise-canceling microphone garnered few complaints when talking to others on the phone, and all I needed to do was adjust the boom mic to a better position.

The only thing I disliked about the M130 is the physical volume switch. It's on the plug, so it's very inconvenient to adjust when connected to the Treo, and the switch is so tiny that it's difficult to adjust. I recommend setting it on the highest position and just using the Treo's volume buttons instead.

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