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Scala-500 Bluetooth Headset

Tue Feb 1, 2005 - 1:10 PM EST - By Douglas Morse

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Product Info
> Name Scala-500 Bluetooth Headset
> Company Cardo Systems
> Battery life Talk 9 hrs, Standby 7 days
> Weight 0.58 oz.
> Size 2.4 x 1.2 x .86 in
> Left/Right Ear Both
> Fact Sheet & User Opinions
> Available
> $49.95


I had high hopes for the Scala-500 Bluetooth Headset. Many of the users on the TreoCentral forums said it was one of the best headsets out there, and except for a few minor issues, this is an excellent headset.


The Scala-500 comes with everything you need:
1. A well thought out and illustrated Quick Start Guide
2. A full manual on mini CD-ROM
3. The headset itself with ear-loop
4. The charging unit
5. A carry sleeve that protects the earpiece and allows it to be clipped to a belt or shirt lapel when not in use
6. A lanyard for dangling on the neck in conjunction with the carry sleeve
7. An eye glasses clip which allows you to attach the unit to your glasses rather than over the ear.

After taking the goodies out of the box, I found that the headset charger on the Scala is a bit funky. It is shaped like the earpiece, and you slide the whole unit down into it and it clicks into place. To remove it, there are two side buttons to press.

I am not a fan of this setup as it is too tempting to try to yank the thing out without pressing the side buttons. The AC adapter itself is small, but if put in a vertical style power-strip will eat up two slots. All in all I�m not enamored of the system. The Scala needs to be charged for 4 hours before first use.


Like all Bluetooth devices, the Scala-500 must be paired with the Treo. There is a multi function wheel at the top that you can use as a dial for volume � it rocks forward/back for each notch of volume up or down. You can also press and hold it in until the blue and red LEDs on the headset flash rapidly to pair the device. I find the pressing and holding annoying and inelegant. The wheel is sharp and small and can also rock if you�re not careful.

However, I have discovered that instead of this rigmarole, if the Treo is already in discoverable mode, as soon as you turn on the headset and if the Treo is powered on it will automatically begin the pairing process. You�ll simply be prompted for the passcode of four zeros. Once paired, you should not need to pair the devices again.

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