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Pacific Rim Pen Stylus

Mon Apr 4, 2005 - 7:29 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

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Product Info
> Name Pacific Rim Pen Stylus
> Company Pacific Rim Technologies
> Weight 0.1 oz. 3 g.
> Fact Sheet & User Opinions
> Available
> $15.95 (3 Pack)


During the Eighties, the idea of the paperless office became popular. No more printing, copying, or faxing! Even with the ubiquity of email, I still have to use a printer every once in a while. And as long as we need paper, we will need pens. The Pacific Rim Pen Stylus is a great replacement for the Treo's stock stylus for those occasions when you need to sign a document but forgot to bring a fancy pen along.


The Pacific Rim Pen Stylus looks just like the Treo's stylus except for black accents on either end. The stylus part unscrews so you can replace the ink barrel, and the top can be easily pulled off to reveal the pen. I prefer keeping the pen and stylus on opposite ends like this, instead of having the pen on the same side as the stylus like the PalmOne Pen Stylus does. This way I can keep the lid off and easily swich between signing papers and looking up something on my Treo.

The pen seems to be a standard fine-point black ink pen. Because of the skinny barrel, you will not be using this to write your magnum opus, but that is not what a pen stylus is designed to do. When you are at a restaurant and using a paper napkin to jot down that inspirational idea, having a pen stylus will help you get the idea to paper that much more quickly. After all, if you forgot to bring paper, you probably forgot a pen as well.

The pen stylus is slightly lighter than the stock Treo stylus (3g vs 5g). I actually preferred the slightly lighter pen stylus, but some users may notice the lightness more than others.

I used the version of the pen stylus for the Treo 650, but there is a Treo 600 version as well.

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