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Treo 270 available in Europe

Mon May 27, 2002 - 4:38 PM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

Handspring's European site is now listing the Treo 270 as available. It has been rumored that Handspring would introduce the Treo 270 and Treo 90 tomorrow, so it seems like Handspring Europe jumped the gun a little (it will be Tuesday in most of Europe within a couple of hours).

The unit sells for �549 (or EUR 880) in the United Kingdom, without service activation. That is rougly $810.

The main differences between the Treo 270 and the existing 180 model are the screen, the backlit keyboard, and enhanced battery life.

Treo 270's screen uses CSTN technology, and is very similar to the screen used in Palm's M130. It is a 12-bit color screen that supports over 4,000 colors and renders 160 x 160 pixel resolution.

The built-in QWERTY keyboard is backlit on the Treo 270, which makes the numbers, letters and symbols on the keyboard easily identifiable in low light conditions.

Treo 270 also has a larger rechargeable lithium ion battery that allows up to three hours of talk time and up to 150 hours or six days of standby time when the radio is on. A single charge will last two to three weeks when the radio is not turned on.

In addition, Treo 270 features an updated version of Blazer for quick and easy web navigation and all the basic PIM applications are in color.

As expected, the new Treo does not ship with GRPS enabled. Handspring promises that the unit will be upgradeable upon availability.

Handspring European site does not contain any information on Treo 90, the other new Treo rumored to be introduced in the US tomorrow.

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