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Treo expansion possible with CF Jacket

Tue Jun 18, 2002 - 12:01 PM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

A German company has developed a working CF Jacket for the Treo, but has run into some complications with the product development and would like some feedback on the product’s viability.

The CF jacket can currently only read data from CF Cards (such as data from CF memory card and the data stream from the company’s own CF GPS module) – there is no support for writing data back to the card. A workaround to this read-only scenario is to use a PC card reader to transfer the files to the CF card.

They can sell this unit for around $60 within the next four months.

Is such a read-only solution of any interest at that price point? Discuss here.

One solution to the enable write abilities is to write a layer software that handles the reading and writing cards for the memory cards (something similar to FaFilemover or PiDirect).

However, even with such software they would not be able to support all the various CF cards – drivers for WLAN CF for example must be done by
the companies which are developing the cards.

If the company decides to offer write abilities, they think it will add a couple of months of development time, and the Jacket will become more expensive.

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