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Copper Back on the Rack at Palm!

Tue Feb 6, 2007 - 9:43 AM EST - By Jennifer Chappell


Ahhhh, yes the snazzy Copper Treo 680 is back! I always loved that color the best and was about to get one. I just couldn't wait for Palm to get them in stock though and wanted a Treo 680 so badly that I went ahead and settled for my next favorite color, the Graphite 680. Of course this was right before Christmas, not recently when the copper 680's suddenly disappeared There was some talk of it's disappearance in the TreoCentral Forums. Patrick S. of the forums brought up a good question for potential buyers of the new Copper batch:

"A question for anyone that buys one is whether this new batch has the battery / camera fix in ROM."

Let's hope so Patrick!

The Copper Treo 680 is showing up on Palm's website again this evening with no mention of it every being gone. Below is taken from Palm's website:

Plus, when you buy an unlocked Treo 680 at Palm.com or a Palm retail store, you can choose from four bold colors: Graphite, Arctic, Copper, or Crimson. A Palm exclusive!

So it seems that you still can't get the Copper Treo from any other carriers as they're still only selling the Graphite 680. I hope that all those with Copper Treos took advantage of their shortage and made some money on ebay. I'd say that those prices have probably dropped faster than my husband's blood pressure when he saw how much I've spent over the past year on gadgets and software and accessories!

Treo 680 smartphone with service from Cingular Wireless is as low as $199. The unlocked Treo 680 is available for Only $399.00. Better grab that Copper one quick lest it disappear again!

The Treo 680s Estimated ship date is 1 to 2 business days. Also, when you buy an unlocked Treo 680, you SAVE: Buy a Treo™ smartphone before Valentine’s Day, and get ZAGAT TO GOSM free for 1 year. (See Promotion Details).

So, I'm curious to see just how quickly those Copper Treos start selling at Palm and Palm's retail stores since they're back. Did the Copper disappear because Palm couldn't keep up with the orders? Did Palm think that the Copper wouldn't sell as well as the other colors so didn't make as many? I personally thought that the Copper was the prettiest color. Many people don't like the color and just refer to it as an ugly orange. I see it like copper as in a shiny, new penny. It's just a unique PDA color to me and I really like it. I'm almost tempted to get one myself and sell my Graphite. But for now I'm still gazing at pics of the Treo 750, keeping my drool bucket close at hand. And those delicious UMPC devices are also tugging at my heart. Anyway, Welcome Back Copper!

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