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Access is Demoing ALP at 3GSM

Tue Feb 13, 2007 - 10:48 AM EST - By Jennifer Chappell


Access has been busy lately. Yesterday they announced that the Product Development Kit (PDK) for ACCESS Linux Platform™ v1.0 is now available to licensees. The Company has also begun distributing a pre-release version of the Software Development Kit (SDK) and Garnet™ VM Compatibility Kit to a number of developers.

The ACCESS Linux Platform v 1.0 PDK is now available to licensees. The PDK includes all the necessary components, tools, samples and documentation to develop customized mobile devices based on the ACCESS Linux Platform software including:

  • All platform components (including a Linux reference kernel)
  • Reference drivers and development kit
  • Application development kit
  • A complete Eclipse-based set of development tools
  • Documentation

    Access also announced that ACCESS Linux Platform is the official name of its next-generation Linux®-based software platform optimized for mobile phones and other converged mobile devices. In addition, the Access Garnet™ OS (also known as Palm OS® Garnet™) compatibility layer included with Access Linux Platform, has been named ACCESS Garnet™ VM*.

    Access Linux Platform for mobile devices goes gold

    According to LinuxDevices.com, the Access Linux Platform has "gone gold" and Access is finally shipping its next-generation Linux-based operating system and development kit for mobile devices.

    The company is showing off version 1.0 of Access Linux Platform (ALP), and various tools and high-end mobile applications processor support packages, at the 3GSM World Congress this week in Barcelona. LinuxDevices.com says that Access and its silicon partners are showing off ALP 1.0 running on two interesting next-generation mobile application processors. One is Marvell's PXA3xx (Monahans-P) family of ARM11-based application processors for GPS devices, mobile phones, and media players. The other is the Texas Instrument (TI) OMAP3430, based on ARM's Cortex-A8 architecture, and said to offer three times more performance than ARM11 processors, within the same power envelope.

    Here is a photo of a device running ALP courtesy of Engadget.

    According to Access, the ACCESS Linux Platform sets a new standard for mobile Linux device platforms. The flexibility of the ACCESS Linux Platform means customization is possible as it hasn't been possible before, giving handset and converged device providers and mobile operators the ability to create unique, branded mobile phone solutions for their customers. That does sound pretty good!

    Here are some ACCESS Linux Platform Screens:

    Palm at 3GSM

    Palm also has a booth at 3GSM and they're expected to make an announcement about WM6. Well, well, just as I was writing this, Palm has put up an announcement on their website. At 3GSM in Barcelona, Spain, Microsoft announced Windows Mobile 6, the newest version of their mobile phone software platform. As a strong Microsoft partner, Palm plans to offer Treo™ smartphones with Windows Mobile 6 later this year.

    "Our continued collaboration with Microsoft gives our customers a powerful combination—Palm's hallmark ease of use with the power and security of Windows Mobile favored by many businesses. We look forward to integrating Microsoft's new operating system as we continue to help people around the world stay connected with Palm's unequaled mobile-computing experience." said Stephane Maes, Senior Director, Smartphones, at Palm.

    So there you have it. Some big news in the ACCESS Linux Platform arena and in the Palm and Windows Mobile 6 arena. Now let's see if Palm announces anything regarding ALP.

    Update: Here are some exclusive photos (click photo for larger pic) from PDA Expertos that they took at the Access Booth at 3GSM in Barcelona. This hardware emulates a real device, in this case a smartphone with touch screen:

    PDA Expertos also has a video showing the Access Linux Platform running on a developer phone.

    Make the jump to see more photos at PDA Expertos.

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