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Palm Offering New Bluetooth Keyboard

Mon May 21, 2007 - 11:58 AM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

Update: West, one of our TreoCentral readers wrote and asked if the new Palm keyboard was compatible with the Treo 755p. The keyboard isn't listed in the compatibility section on Palm's Store site so I wrote a Palm representative to find out. Rosie very quickly and kindly wrote back and said that unfortunately, the Palm Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard is not compatible with the Treo 755p. Hopefully, if such a thing is possible, Palm will release a driver in the future to make the keyboard compatible with the 755p. Thanks West and Rosie!

Brighthand is reporting that Palm is now offering a new Bluetooth keyboard. The Palm Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard is compatible with the Treo 650, 680, 700p, 700w/wx, 750, Tungsten E2, and Palm TX.

This new keyboard has rounded edges compared to the sharp corners of the Palm Universal Wireless Keyboard. It looks like Palm is going with the more curvy design in both the newer Treos and this new keyboard. It makes me think of how the squared edges of the Treo 650 compares with the rounded edges of the Treo 680 and 755p.

Features and Specs from Palm's website:

When you're on the move, sometimes you need a faster way to compose longer messages, reports, and even spreadsheets. This compact yet full-size wireless keyboard folds up for portability, while giving you the benefits of true touch typing. Plus, the freedom of Bluetooth® Wireless Technology allows you to work with or without your Treo™' smartphone docked on the pull-out easel.

  • Features a QWERTY keyboard with five rows of full-size keys (including numbers)
  • Pull-out easel provides adjustable viewing angle and a steady platform for your Treo smartphone
  • Enter or edit data even while your device is charging nearby
  • Encrypted link connects your keyboard and smartphone for secure Bluetooth connection
  • Get up to five months of keyboard usage from 2 AAA alkaline batteries (not included)

You can get the Palm Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard over at Palm's Store for $99.99.

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