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Treo Communicators have Flash ROM

Mon Jul 15, 2002 - 1:49 AM EDT - By Michael Ducker


To help prove these theories, TreoCentral enlisted the help of Brayder Technologies Inc. - makers of JackFlash, along with a Treo 180. By the way, the flash chip in the Treo 180 is a Toshiba TC58FVB321FT-10. This is a similar chip to one of many that Handspring has previously used in the Platinum, Prism, and Edge.

Brayder was able to, with our help, port their entire set of applications to work with the Treo. Unluckily, some last minute bugs cropped up and the suite of applications was unable to be released in time for publication. However, look for JackSprat 2.0b9 and JackFlash 2.6b1 soon. Until then, please try to suffice with the info we can give.

The Treo 180 and 270 by default have 0 MB of Flash ROM available to use. But by using JackSprat, one can delete extra languages to yield 1.4 MB of useable Flash ROM. By deleting built in apps such as Datebook or memopad, one can gain as much as another 600 KB of Flash, to total 2 MB of useable space. This can then be used to backup applications, data, and more in a way that is safe from fatal crashes.

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