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Palm Announces More 3rd Party Foleo Apps

Tue Jun 26, 2007 - 7:36 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


Well, it looks like there will be two more new programs available for the Palm Foleo. First up is Access 'n Share by Avvenu, provider of remote access and sharing services for personal digital content. Avvenu and Palm, Inc. have created the Avvenu Access 'n Share service for the Palm Foleo mobile companion.

Access 'n Share will let Foleo users quickly access and share digital content such as photos, video, and files stored on their work or home computers, untethered and over-the-air from wherever they are.

This Access 'n Share is a new version that was developed especially for the Foleo to take advantage of its large screen and wireless capabilities. With the press of one button, the Palm Foleo's large screen displays wireless email, web pages, or office documents.

Access 'n Share provides an optional personal digital locker that will allow Foleo users to securely store and sync files from their computers to an Avvenu server, providing remote acess even when their computers are turned off or aren't connected to the Internet.

"Palm Foleo is a great way to display and edit documents and information available on a Palm Treo smartphone,” said Richard French, chief executive officer for Avvenu. "Avvenu Access 'n Share completes the proposition by allowing Foleo users to remotely access and share files stored on their work or home personal computers, whenever they are connected to the Internet.”

The second addition announced today for the Foleo is the Bluefire Mobile Security VPN by Bluefire, the leading provider of security solutions for smartphones and wireless devices. Bluefire and Palm are working together to provide Foleo users security for mobile data-in-transit. Bluefire's virtual private network (VPN) software client easily fits in with existing network infrastructures and configurations, and functions across Wi-Fi, LAN and cellular networks.

Bluefire’s VPN software is designed to support mobile devices running the Windows Mobile operating systems and the Palm Treo. It provides an IPsec-compliant secure connection for data-in-transit. It is certified through the RSA Secured(R) Partner Program with RSA SecurID(R), leading two-factor authentication technology from RSA, The Security Division of EMC. Bluefire's VPN is compliant with Federal Information Processing Standards 140-2 (FIPS 140-2) and operates seamlessly across Wi-Fi, LAN, and cellular networks with no user intervention required.

"Palm is truly demonstrating its leadership by selecting Bluefire's mobile VPN client for the Foleo," said Mark Komisky, chief executive officer for Bluefire. "It is essential that device manufacturers, wireless carriers and other industry leaders be proactive about the growing threat of wireless attacks. Palm Foleo users can be sure that their mobile data is secure."

So, the Foleo already has a couple of nice Astraware games, mDayscape, a PIM program, the ability to access and share files from home or work computers, and top of the line security for data-in-transit. Palm and these other companies are brewing up a really nice mobile device. I'm curious to see what other apps will be developed for the Foleo. I think many people are undecided on the Foleo. I'm hovering over the edge of "I want one". I think the more apps I see, the closer I get to the edge. I know that the price at this point is holding me back. I think I'd fall all the way over the edge into purchasing one upon release if the price were to drop. And I know I'm not standing alone on this cliff of indecision.

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