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Palm Wireless Keyboard with Bluetooth

Wed Aug 8, 2007 - 10:57 AM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


Palm's Wireless Keyboard with Bluetooth is a great little gadget to have. I love the design and the way it looks. It's very easy to set up and to use. It's actually fun to type on it and doesn't feel like a chore. Yes, a Foleo would be nice as you'd have the full keyboard and a big screen combined. But the combination of Palm's keyboard and my Treo works great, and both devices are small and easy to carry.

This is my favorite wireless, Bluetooth keyboard so far. It's nice to be able to move the stand and Treo around and not have to line up an infrared arm. I love Bluetooth technology! Well heck, I love "technology" period! Palm did a great job with this keyboard. The keyboard opens like a book with the press of a button and the Bluetooth pairing process is simple. When you're finished typing, just slide the lock switch over and close the keyboard and it powers off. Throw it in your gadget bag and you're ready to go!

The Palm Wireless Keyboard with Bluetooth is available at palm.com for $99.99.

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Design 4
Usability 4
Setup 5
Cost/Benefit 5
(not an average)
  • Cool design
  • full size QWERTY keyboard
  • compact
  • Easy to open
  • Simple to setup
  • Great tactile feedback
  • Lightweight
  • Fun to use
  • Types very smoothly and fast
  • Batteries included
  • Shortcut keys
  • Five rows of keys including numeric row
  • Cons
  • Too much flexability when locked so keyboard bends a little
  • Easel a bit flimsy
  • Lock slider sometimes hard to slide

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