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Somewhat available: Treo 300 for $499

Thu Aug 8, 2002 - 10:49 AM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

Handspring now has the Treo 300 listed on their site, although very little information is posted. The page for more information on the Treo 300 is not yet available.

The Treo 300 will sell for $499, and is "right around the corner" according to Handspring.

Sprint stores around the country have already received limited shipments of the Treo, and it has been rumored that the device would go on sale today. Other sources report that the Treo will go on sale on Sunday.

TreoCentral reader doctorc is reporting that he sucessfully purchased a Treo 300 this morning:

"I just went to the Sprint PCS store in Gaithersburg Maryland on Quince Orchard Road. They had ONE (only ONE) Treo 300 in stock as of last night. I arrived at 10am this morning when the doors open and purchased it. They do not know when they are expecting more.

First impressions, the phone is very nice. I like the silver color. It is compact and lighter than my SPH I300 I replaced it with. Don't know about the screen yet haven't even turned it on (lets hope they got the backlight issues fixed).

Comes with a travel charger, usb cable, a car charger (nice) and a handsfree earbud. Box and packaging were nice (what you would expect for a $500 phone).

Oh yes paid $499 plus tax. Reps at store telling me I can't activate 3g service until Sunday but people at *2 telling me I can activate it today. Will call later today and activate and report back on how wireless web is on 3g.

ALso comes with CD with all software including MS Outlook (not express either I don't think -- I think the full version but will have to check further on this).

Overall, looks like a nice new toy. Will post full review later."

Sprint PCS Vision

Sprint this morning also accounced their 3G network Sprint PCS Vision - a "next generation wireless service that is headed to retail stores and Sprint business channels nationwide beginning next week."

In addition to the Treo 300, four other 3G enabled cell phones will be available next week, with several more in the pipleine. In competition with Treo (although $300 more expensive) is the Toshiba 2032 - an integrated Pocket PC phone from Sprint with a large color display, 206MHz Intel StrongARM Processor with 32 MB RAM.

PCS Pricing

Initially ranging in price from $44.99 to $119.99, PCS Free & Clear with Vision plans will include megabytes for data usage along with varying amounts of voice minutes. For a limited time, Sprint will offer special introductory rate plans that provide more Anytime Minutes than standard Free & Clear plans; allow customers to share minutes with another PCS phone for no additional charge and each phone will have two megabytes of data to use.

An example of the introductory PCS Free & Clear with Vision plans include the $89.99 per month plan that features 2,000 Anytime Minutes that can be used by an individual or shared between two people. Additional phones can share the minutes for only $20 per phone and each phone on the plan will receive two megabytes of data. The special introductory plans require a one- or two-year PCS Advantage Agreement and will be available until October 31, 2002.

More updates coming shortly.

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