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Treo 300 now at Handspring.com

Sun Aug 11, 2002 - 11:18 PM EDT - By Kenneth Crandall

It’s official!

has made the Treo 300 available for purchase on their

. Also available is information including accessories, support, FAQ’s, ect.

The Treo 300 is being sold for $499, and Handspring is currently throwing in a free vehicle power adapter with purchase (valued at $29.99). Sprint is also offering 3 free months of Vision high speed data access.

There is a ton of new info about the Treo, here are some qouteable quotes from around the site.

About Ringtones: "A symphony of ring tones. Most phones play little songs when they ring, but only one note at a time. With polyphonic ring tones, you can hear up to 16 different notes and MIDI instruments all at once. So your Treo 300 communicator will get into the groove of your favorite song whenever someone calls—complete with drums, bass, guitars, horns and more. You can even assign individual ring tones to anyone in your speed dial list. " A sample ringtone is available.

Always-on Email: Treo Mail works with the Treo 300, but so does the new Sprint PCS Buisness Connection Software. "With PCS Business Connection Personal Edition you don't have to be out of touch when you're away from the office. Access your Microsoft® Outlook® or Lotus Notes® company email with or without attachments, calendar, company directory and personal contacts in real time—right on your Treo 300 communicator (additional charges may apply). " Oh, it looks nice too - I hope it is as functional as Treo Mail.

The Specs: The battery will last 2.5 hours, and has 150 hours of standby time. The color is silver, and this Treo's size is 4.4" x 2.8" x .82" (11.2cm x 7.1cm x 2.1cm). It weighs 5.7 oz. This is slightly taller than a Treo 270. Contrary to previous reports, it weighs .3 ounces more than the Treo 270.

One intresting note, the Treo 300 has an on screen "mute" button. This hopefully will be added to the GSM Treo's soon (with the GPRS patch).

Sadly, the Treo 300 is not Macintosh compatible - with both OS 9.1 or 10.2. Is there a Missing Sync out for this? Users however have reported success with a Treo serial cable, and than using a serial to USB adaptor.

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