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Treo Software Roundup - v100807

Mon Oct 8, 2007 - 9:58 AM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

WM Treo Software


Opera Mobile 8.6

Opera Mobile is now up to version 8.6.

With Opera on your mobile, you can surf the same Web sites as you do on your personal computer. The Opera 8.65 mobile Web browser for Windows Mobile is designed with speed and ease-of-use in mind.

The version is available for Microsoft Smartphones and PocketPC's. It runs on WM2003, WM 5 and WM 6.

Notice: A bug causing problems on non-English devices (Opera 8.65 WM) has been discovered. We are working to correct this, and expect to have a new build out shortly.

New in 8.6

  • Set "Desktop" mode as default display mode
  • Text Wrapping
  • Bidi support
  • Stability improvement - Memory leak fixes
  • Stability improvement - Memory leak fixes
  • Separated cache storage on memory card
  • Send URL/Link as SMS/MMS/Email
  • Using system proxy
  • UI Speed/Responses enhancement

You can download Opera Mobile here.

iSkoot v1.1

iSkoot recently announced the launch of their new iSkoot v1.1 mobile application for Windows Mobile handsets. The new mobile application supports all Windows Mobile 5 and 6 handsets, bringing its advanced feature set to over 200 additional devices worldwide.

iSkoot v1.1 for Windows Mobile empowers Pocket PC and Smartphone community members to reach out to their business colleagues and contacts all over the world anytime, from anywhere, using Skype on their mobile handset. The iSkoot application offers push-of-a-button inbound and outbound Skype-to-Skype calling capabilities, as well as instantaneous Skype chat with advanced features such as Skype emoticons and chat template options.

This newest release from iSkoot supports many of the highest-selling PDA devices in the global marketplace - including the Motorola Q, Samsung Blackjack, T-Mobile Dash, Palm Treo 750 and HTC Wizard - and compliments their existing suite of supported platforms, which already includes BlackBerry, Symbian S60, UIQ, Palm and J2ME. Windows Mobile is a leading OS in the global market, offered by 48 device makers and 125 mobile operators in 55 countries. Shipments are expected to surpass 40 million units worldwide by 2010.

How iSkoot Works

iSkoot v1.1 for Windows Mobile is now available for free at iskoot.com. Windows Mobile users can simply download iSkoot's thin-client application to their devices, sign in to their Skype account, and start making and receiving calls and chatting with their online Skype contacts. When a user selects a contact to call, the iSkoot solution connects the call to Skype so that the user only pays for air time on the mobile phone. If the user makes a SkypeOut call, it works the same way, but the user also pays for SkypeOut minutes, just as if the call were made from a PC. When a user receives Skype calls on his or her smartphone, SkypeOut charges also apply.

You can get iSkoot here for Free.

Robo for Pocket PC

HeroCraft has just released a new puzzle game for PDA and Smartphones called Robo.Move the stones and use the bombs to explode the laser cannons which block robo's way out of the maze.

The love makes people commit imprudences, follies and other stupid things. Will anybody in his right mind risk his health and life, get under the rays of laser guns, break legs in the stone conglomerations, carry dreadful bombs and wander in fatal mazes? Love is a virus; and there are no walls which can stop it. Even robots can't resist it. You are able to become a participant of this unusual love-story. Try to add some logic and consistency in this bustle of the hot cybernetic passion, overcome together with Robo all thinkable obstacles, walking through snow storms, scotched deserts and cold mountains. It is known that only humans intellect could rescue machines that are going mad.

So Robo has to save Eny, who is kidnapped by evil Discharger and now held in the underground compound, protected by lasers. In order to move, our hero has to block laser beams that guard all passageways or destroy laser cannons. This objective can be reached by moving stones to block laser beams, using bombs to explode laser cannons or (for the gaming Einsteins) making cannons destroy each other. The game rules are very simple, but the game itself is not, because bombs and stones are very scarce. Are you ready to use your brains to get out of this situation?

Robo is available here for $12.85.

Project Professional

Project Professional is a new app by Sparkle Solutions.

Project Professional is a Comprehensive Project Management Utility for Pocket PC. Safely stores Project details such as Project Schedule, Project Phases, Tasks for phases, Risks involved in a project, Project Reviews, Project Meetings, Client details, Closure report and Summary of a project. A Complete Project Management Utility for every Pocket PC User.

Works with Pocket PC 2000/2002/2003/2003 SE & Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 Devices

Project Professional is available here for $16.00.

Other new apps available by Sparkle Solutions:

CrazySoft Psarakia

CrazySoft Psarakia is a new game by CrazySoft.

From the makers of PaintBall & Frutakia a 'fresh' idea of puzzle gaming that won't let you alone!

Idea of the game:

Make horizontal or vertical pairs of two and more same fish. You can see the frozen fish ice cubes; defrost them by breaking the ice!


Break the ice of each fish group, by holding the pen down on the screen and moving it on each fish without letting go. The ice will break and the fish will appear. After a while the pairs will be calculated and the points & life earned.

CrazySoft Psarakia is available here for $12.95.

PointViewer for Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0

PointViewer is a new app by ThinkWhere. PointViewer is designed to help dieters manage their daily point values for the popular national point system diet.

PointViewer allows the user to view point values of 146 popular restaurants and more than 2000 food items. You can add your own items if you find that one is not available. One of the best features is the ability to log your point values throughout the day helping you succeed on your diet. All of these features and the power to carry it with you on your mobile device.

You can get PointViewer here for $24.50.



Gx5 has updated UltimateSearch to version 1.5.

UltimateSearch is a search gadget that gives you instant access to all the key search engines you will need on a daily basis. Whether you need to find the closest Kinkos or find what time your favorite movie is playing, UltimateSearch delivers with blazing speed and efficiency. Featuring a one of kind unique design, UltimateSearch blends perfectly into your Today Screen with pristinely designed translucent interface elements. In all, UltimateSearch give you a tremendous boost in productivity.


  • Unique Translucent Design
  • Search all the following Search Engines
  • Google
  • Local Business and Services
  • Movies
  • Wikipedia
  • News
  • Yahoo OneSearch
  • Flickr
  • YouTube
"Unlike when using Windows Mobile Live Search or The Treo's default search which both lead you to who knows where, UltimateSearch gives you pin point accurate results because we have sensibly divided your search into specific categories. Not only do you now search sensibly, but you will be searching smarter."

UltimateSearch is available here for $11.95.

Photo Contacts PRO 5

PocketX Software Inc. has recently updated Photo Contacts PRO 5 (Automatic Profiles, Call Blocking, Distinctive Ringtones & SMS, Today Plugin) to version 5.07.

Photo Contacts PRO empowers your phone with Advanced Call Filtering, fully integrated Scheduled, Automatic and Temporary Phone Profiles, Distinctive Ringtone and SMS tone capabilities, Today Screen plugin showing pictures of favorites and recent callers, fast Photo Dialing integrated with Business and Full screen Photo Caller ID and advanced contact management capabilities.

Photo Contacts PRO 5 is available here for $29.95.

Sudoku Time

GameZoneProject has recently updated Sudoku Time to version 1.1.

Sudoku Time delivers the next evolution of this classical puzzle game with a lot new features, almost full screen game boards and human age adaptivity.

Now in the package is included FREE version of Sudoku Time for your Windows Desktop PC and you can experience the pleasure of playing it before you buy the version for your device.

With Sudoku Time, you can have all your family plays as a separate user in the same game. You can choose from three different types of grid sizes and practice the game that fits exactly your current skills. All available screen resolutions are supported.

Key navigation has been improved in version 1.1.Sudoku Time is available here for $14.95.

Data On The Run

Data On The Run by Biomobility, LLCis an easy to use database program for Windows Mobile devices. Data On The Run 5 brings many new features, includes an all new database engine and a new Synchronization Manager, and brings the power of mobile data to your Smartphone device in addition to Pocket PC devices. Data On The Run includes new features for both novice and power users. Features include:

  • New Synchronization Manager software synchronizes Access files including the new Access 2007 file format.
  • Windows XP and Windows Vista compatible.
  • Add and modify records, sort, perform queries and more right on your phone or Pocket PC.
  • Drop down wizard eases data entry.
  • Extensive list of supported SQL, including joins, calculated fields, and more.
  • Password protection and encryption for sensitive data.
  • Wizards make things like searches and sorting easy for the novice user.
  • Much improved one handed navigation and use.
  • CSV files can be imported into Data On The Run right on the device.
  • Dial a phone number by using the "action" button on your device (must be an integer field).
  • Mobile2Market digitally signed CAB installer for compatibility with the widest variety of devices.

You can get Data On The Run here for $14.95.

Pocket DVD Wizard

The Coding Workshop Limited has updated Pocket DVD Wizard to version 4.8.8.

The Pocket DVD Wizard lets you use your computer to make backup copies of your DVDs, Mpeg, Avi and DivX® video and then play them on a handheld device such as a Pocket PC, Palm or PSP.

Imagine the possibilities! You can now watch your DVDs on your Pocket PC, in the office, on the plane, in the car or even on the beach!

The new Pocket DVD Wizard v4 is even faster than before with superb high quality output, tried and tested support for more devices than ever and of course, the fantastic, easy to use Wizard interface. The price for the Pocket DVD Wizard has remained as low as ever - just $ 28.95 (no discount codes required!)

Pocket DVD Wizard is available here for $28.95.

Phone ScreenLock

PalmarySoft has recently updated Phone ScreenLock to version 1.4.

Phone ScreenLock is a small and very simple in use program. It will make your phone talks more comfortable. Now there is no risk to start another program because of a casual touch of the screen with a cheek or fingers. Phone ScreenLock program locks the screen until you hang up.

But it does not mean, that additional functions of your phone are inaccessible during a call. You can unlock your phone for the whole talk, or for the certain period of time after which the screen and the keyboard will be locked automatically again.

If you make many important phone calls and you do not want your talk to be interrupted because of a casual touch of the screen or buttons, Phone Screenlock is the best solution for you!

Update Description

  • The elapsted time beep is added
  • A possibility to use vibration instead of sound for lock/unlock/elapsed time signals (may non work on some HTC devices)
  • Misk bug fixes

You can get Phone ScreenLock here for $9.95.


PalmarySoft has also updated MinuteBeep to version 1.1. MinuteBeep is a small and very simple in use program. It will make your phone talks more comfortable. Time is money. Now there is no risk to chin all over the place. MinuteBeep offers you flexible sound settings and customizable interval of the elapsed time signal. So you will always be in the know how much you speak on the phone.

Update Description

  • A new feature that turns off the screen during the talk is added
  • Misk bug fixes

MinuteBeep is available here for $9.95.

SlovoEd English dictionaries collection for Pocket PC

Paragon Software (SHDD) - Penreader has recently updated SlovoEd English dictionairies collection to version 6.1.

SlovoEd English dictionaries collection is one of best-selling bundle with bidirectional and explanatory dictionaries for Windows Mobile Pocket PC from the most distinguished language reference publishers. SlovoEd dictionaries collection works under the latest version SlovoEd application engine with add-on audio pronunciations, language learning tools and unique morphology feature including about 2 million word forms and synonims for one language!

SlovoEd English dictionaries collection for Pocket PC is available here for $79.95.

We'll be back next soon with more Palm OS and WM Treo software news.

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