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theBoom "E" - UmeVoice's ultimate design?

Mon Oct 8, 2007 - 11:37 AM EDT - By Harv Laser


UmeVoice delivers again. Well what did you expect? This small company has big ideas and really delivers on their motto: "Whisper and be heard." In this writer's opinion, their noise-canceling mic is the best there is. If it's good enough for the requirements of the military and Wall Street, it should be good enough for Joe Consumer.

theBoom "E" is expensive, yes, mainly due to some of its exotic, expensive components, and the fact that each one is hand-made when ordered. But it doesn't LOOK "hand-made". Whenever it goes into mass production, the price may come down.

For those of you who can justify $300.00 for a wired headset, and want or need one that you can literally wear all day, that weighs next to nothing, that is the quintessence of the word "comfortable", that has the world's best noise-canceling mic, a VERY powerful speaker, and comfortable noise-blocking ear piece, and can be ordered in eight different configurations, the new theBoom "E" is the caviar of wired headsets. Like the other single-ear theBoom models, its only controls are volume level and a mute button.

For now, if you want one, UmeVoice is the sole source.

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Design 5
Usability 5
Sound Quality 5
Cost/Benefit 4
(not an average)
  • So light and comfortable you literally CAN wear it all day
  • Vastly improved ear speaker volume
  • The best noise-canceling mic there is
  • Available in eight different configurations
  • Sublimely comfortable, noise-blocking ear gel
  • Superb customer support
  • Cons
  • Very expensive
  • No carrying case
  • No phone call controls

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