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Treo Software Roundup - v111907

Mon Nov 19, 2007 - 12:30 PM EST - By Jennifer Chappell

Palm OS

In this round we've got some new and updated apps for Palm OS and WM Treos.


Documents To Go 10 for Palm OS

DataViz, Inc., the leading provider of Office compatibility solutions for over 23 years, today announced the availability of Documents To Go® Premium Edition, version 10.002. The latest version of the #1 mobile Office suite for Palm OS® devices is now the first and only Palm OS solution to offer complete Microsoft® Office 2007 file support. Users can now view, edit and create Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® 2007 compatible files and attachments in their native formats on current Palm® smartphones and handheld devices. Customers who purchased version 10.001 with the capability to view Word and Excel 2007 files will receive the upgrade at no additional cost. Customers who have a previous version of Documents To Go can upgrade to the Premium Edition for $29.99.

New! Be the first to open Word & Excel 2007 files on your Treo Smartphone or Palm handheld with the new Documents To Go version 10 – the first and only viewing solution for Microsoft’s latest file formats.

Just Like Office on Your Desktop: Whether it’s a file from your PC or an e-mail attachment, Documents To Go allows you to use these files the same way you do on your desktop computer. It’s that easy. Now you can have your forecasts, contracts, product manuals, part numbers, budget charts, purchase orders, directions, to-do lists, sales presentations, bank statements, school work, manuscripts, or any other kind of document at your fingertips with full creation and editing capabilities!

100% Document Fidelity: Documents To Go is built upon InTact Technology which ensures 100% fidelity of your files after they are edited on the handheld. No other mobile Office program incorporates this cutting edge technology. Feel confident that your original desktop documents will not lose any graphics or formatting once edited on the handheld.

Documents To Go is one of those "Must-Haves" for your PDA or smartphone. Never again get stuck on the road with a file you can’t open, edit, send off or simply synchronize with your PC.

Get it here for $49.99.


Plantastic! is a new game by Astraware.

Plantastic! is a fun combination of puzzle and strategy game where you create bouquets from groups of brightly coloured flowers to clear them from the play board and reach each level's bloom target! Each game mode has a different planting pattern and blooms can only be placed near the player's last bloom within the pattern shown. Blooms drop into the queue and you must plant them in the garden before the queue fills up.


  • Fun puzzle strategy game with increasing challenge levels
  • 5 play modes with different planting patterns
  • Increase your flower power with a variety of blooming brilliant flowerups!
  • 3 levels of difficulty

Minimum Requirements

  • Palm OS 5
  • High Resolution color screen.
  • Please note: Due to limitations on available device memory, the Tungsten T, T2 and Garmin iQue 3600 are not compatible with this product.

Plantastic! is available here for $19.95.

Solitaire CLASSIC (Palm OS)

Check out Solitaire CLASSIC by In-Fusio Inc. Play the best Solitaire card games with Solitaire Classic. The program is a pack of 10 Solitaire games: the famous Solitaire games like Freecell, Klondike, Spider, Aces High, and more. Enjoy stunning colour graphics, unparalleled ease of use and practical features like hint function, undo moves and many more. It is the absolute reference in Solitaire applications!



  • Freecell
  • Klondike
  • Spider
  • Aces
  • High
  • Calculation
  • Eight Off
  • Golf
  • Tabby Cat
  • Towers
  • Vegas

Solitaire CLASSIC is available here for $14.95.

Advanced Brain Trainer Edition 2 (Palm OS)

The Edition 2 of the BEST-SELLING memory training application for mobile is now available by In-Fusio Inc.

With Advanced Brain Trainer Edition 1, enjoy 4 training modules to improve your calculation, logic and reaction time. A coach will analyze your results, motivate and guide you through your mind’s enhancement.

5 minutes a day keeps the doctor away!!!

With Advanced Brain Trainer Edition 2, stimulate all aspects of your mind in a fun and rewarding form of entertainment. Various and fast-paced mental activities train different aspects of your brain: memory, focus, reaction time, logic etc.


  • Exam: Train five minutes daily with different training modules. Each day you uncover a new rated exam.
  • Practice: Freely exercise your brain with the different modules at any time.
  • Arcade: A fun bonus mode to test your skills. To complete it, you can only make a limited number of mistakes.


New modules and the arcade mode will be unlocked over time (day after day) depending on the obtained grades.

5 more modules are available in Advanced Brain Trainer Edition 1.


  • 4 MODULES TO PRACTICE (Edition 2)
  • Shopping list
  • Cool Cat
  • Memo square
  • Shape counter

Get Advanced Brain Trainer Edition 2 here for $11.95

Voice on the Go

Voice on the Go by Voice on the Go provides easy, convenient hands-free and eyes-free access to email, calendar, contacts, and other content, by voice using any Palm - all for only 5.99 per month.**

Safely use your Palm anytime, anywhere - while driving, or any other time
Quick, easy setup that works with any Palm
Simple-to-use with no voice training required
Compliant with growing hands-free driving legislation
Supports a majority of email services, including: Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo!, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, .Mac mail and others!

**Calls to Voice on the Go are subject to your regular carrier rates.


  • With a few simple voice commands, you can access:
  • Email by VOICE - Listen to, forward, reply, compose, navigate and delete emails. "Reply: Coffee for our 3 o’clock today? Let me know."
  • Contacts by VOICE - Search contacts and place calls by voice. "Call Mobile" or "Call Number: 1-888-555-1234"
  • Calendar by VOICE - Review appointments and create new appointments. "Create Appointment: June 19th 9:00 AM Sales Meeting; Status update."

Check it out here.


Sortout by inDev Software is a simple and enjoyable board game. The object is to bring together pieces with the same color.

Game Field

Game Field is a square 6x6 without corner cells. At the beginning internal square 4x4 is randomly filled with different pieces. There can be 8 kinds of pieces, each of them has a different color.


You can move a piece to an empty cell. After this the old place of the moved piece will be filled by the next piece. Next piece is determined randomly before each move and can be seen to the right of the Game Field.


Bring together 3 or more pieces of the same kind (each piece of the group have to be vertically or horizontally adjacent with at least one other piece of the same group). After this happens, identical pieces are removed from Game Field. If a whole row or column of the internal square becomes empty it will be randomly filled with new pieces.


-1 point - a move to the side of Game Field;
3 points - a group of 3 identical pieces bringed together;
5 points - a group of 4 identical pieces bringed together;
8 points - a group of 5 identical pieces bringed together;
12 points - a group of 6 identical pieces bringed together;

Game Types

There are 3 game types:
- Simple Game. Play without limits just for fun or practice.
- Time Limited Game. Check this option to play with the specified Time Limit. Best scores will be included in Best Scores table.
- Score Limited Game. Check this option to play with the specified Score Limit. Best times will be included in Best Times table.


  • Three game types
  • Best Scores table
  • Best Times table

Sortout is available here for $4.95.


SIM-Save by Fabian Heuwieser is a very intelligent program that adds a special Security-Feature to your Treo!

It alerts you via SMS or via a Phone Call that the SIM-Card in your Treo has be swapped. Through this you can track the thief who has stolen your Treo and inserted his own SIM-Card, because as soon as he has inserted his SIM, a SMS is sent to a predefined number of you choice including Information about him:

# ISMI-Number of the new SIM-Card
# Telephone Number of the new SIM-Card
# Signal Strength
# Batterylevel
# IMEI Number of the Phone

You do not want your Treo to be without that new Security-Feature! Some day you will need it, rather secure yourself against that now! It works on GSM-Phones. Please try the demoversion if it runs on your Treo! The screenshot is in german, but the program is in english.


  • Secure yourself against thiefs
  • Find out who stole your Treo
  • New Security-Feature for your Treo

You can get SIM-Save here for $5.95.


Reset Doctor

Hobbyist Software has updated Reset Doctor to v1.85.

Reset Doctor helps you to deal with crashes in modern Palms. It contains:

Tools to help you reduce crashes Tools to help you track down what applications are buggy and causing crashes Auto backup to save your preferences when the palm inexplicably decides to delete them at a reset!

100% Guarantee: If for any reason you don't think Reset Doctor is fantastic - I will give you a 100% refund.

There is a nasty bug in the operating system of Palm Devices with the new Non-Volatile-Filing-System (NVFS). It means that sometimes after a reset, you will lose all your settings and preferences.

If you've ever had this happen, you'll know how frustrating it can be. Not only do you have to restore your settings, but you can miss important alarms. If it's never happened, then you can just run Pref Doctor in the background - it will keep your preferences backed up, and even allow you to restore them a couple of times for free should you ever need to!

Rob at Hobbyist Software says:

The main change is that you can now set the network that you want to be selected after a reset (this has been really annoying me about my treo!)
Additionally, I have added a launchcode so that a shortcut app can call Reset Doctor and ask it to flush your cache.
The Shortcut even uses the new shortcut magic, so if you use the Butler keylauncher or Initiate, you don't need to leave your existing app.
Finally, there is a change that may restore the lost button preferences that some people experience.

Reset Doctor is available here for $9.95.


MotionApps has updated mSafe to v4.1.2.

Your smartphone is your personal assistant. At a very minimum it keeps your address book, personal and business information, and your phone call log. If an unauthorized person comes into possession of your smartphone, or you simply forget to take it with you, this trusted data may be exposed causing much trouble for you, your friends and your business associates.

Can you afford not to secure data on your phone?

With mSafe you can protect your data remotely, when your device is missing, stolen or you simply don't have access to it. mSafe implements reliable kill-pill feature by enabling you to lock the device or completely erase the content of the device and SD card by sending a single SMS message.

Use mSafe and never compromise your data!

mSafe is available here for $19.99.


Megasoft2000 has updated KeyguardExt to v1.2.

KeyguardExt is a functional analogue of the system utility Keyguard, which has much more extended setting functions and the list of information displayed on the screen of your smartphone.


  • Time & Date
  • Battery Level
  • Bluetooth State
  • Phone Signal Strength
  • Free Memory Size
  • Ringer Switch State
  • Unread SMS Number
  • Missed Calls Number.

New in version 1.2: Added Palm Centro support

KeyguardExt is available here for $9.95.

Destaller Pro

Destaller Pro by RoGame Software has been updated to v3.0. Destaller Pro is an application oriented uninstaller. Applications store many different files that often cause resets and the necessity to do a hard reset when not removed properly. Destaller removes this danger and headache. In addition Destaller allows you to maximize the memory of your device by allowing to safely remove single files, 'a68k' Files, saved and unsaved preferences and more.

If you ever had problem with an application and were told by tech support to gather specific information about your device plus a list of all installed applications and Hacks, you will greatly appreciate why Destaller Pro is an excellent tool for trouble-shooting problems. It can export or copy a list of all applications found in RAM and on memory cards, has an extra screen for important device information, and lets you delete an application's data files separately.

  • Free Lite version
  • Maximizes RAM
  • Application centric
  • Easy to use
  • Great interface
  • File grouping
  • 8 sorting parameters
  • Enhanced for Palm OS 5
  • Safely removes applications from RAM or memory cards
  • Safely removes individual data files, like eReader books, mp3s, etc.
  • Safely removes saved and unsaved preferences
  • Safely removes a68k files
  • Exports and copies list of applications
  • Device Info screen
  • Memory Info screen
  • Reset and scheduled reset options
  • Full DIA support (320 X 480 Portrait and Landscape modes)
  • Extended online help

The application is distributed in two forms, a free lite version and the full version - Destaller Pro.


  • Maximizes RAM
  • Application centric
  • Easy to use
  • File grouping
  • 8 sorting parameters
  • Enhanced for Palm OS 5
  • Safely removes applications from RAM or memory cards
  • Safely removes individual data files, like eReader books, mp3s, etc.
  • Safely removes saved and unsaved preferences
  • Safely removes a68k files
  • Exports and copies list of applications

Destaller Pro is available here for $14.95.

Pretty Map Basic - Earth Atlas, GPS support, Moon and Mars Maps

PrettyMap v4.3 by Maciej Komosinski lets you view vector and raster maps and images (such as country boundaries, world cities, rivers, satellite photos), search in geographically-referenced data, visualize and analyze spatial information, download current weather reports and forecasts, extend your knowledge by taking an educational quiz, and edit your own simple maps.


  • support for vector maps (points, lines, areas)
  • support for raster maps (terrain elevation and bathymetry, images, symbolic)
  • handles multi-attribute data associated with vector map objects
  • displays maps of various planets
  • supports GPS, logging GPS locations and the "follow GPS" mode
  • GPS fleet tracking service: PrettyMap can regularly report locations so that you know where your fleet is, and others know where you are
  • displays current weather maps, detailed weather reports and forecasts (requires Internet connection)
  • all maps are free: political - country boundaries with country names, capitals, population sizes; major cities with names, status, population ranks; comprehensive sets of data for each country, based on the current information from The World Factbook; USA states; major rivers; satellite photos and images; elevation data for Earth, Moon, Mars, lunar mountains, craters, seas, lakes, and many more!
  • spherical projection
  • relief and 3D elevation (DEM) view with vector map overlay shows day and night regions, computes shadow length and sun/north orientation
  • various color schemes for elevation maps
  • user-defined elevation colors
  • zoom range from whole planet to meters
  • multiple, configurable vector map layers
  • data search for vector map databases
  • versatile quiz with teacher mode for vector map databases
  • bar charts and color-by option for numeric features in vector map databases
  • distance measurement
  • integrated user-defined locations (Points Of Interest) editor, stores notes and values for each POI
  • sessions to quickly save/restore program state
  • adjustable water level for elevation data
  • numerous settings to customize the program
  • "PrettyMap Full" license offers all features. In the "Basic" version, the quiz is limited to 20 questions, there is no spherical elevation relief view, no weather forecasts for customized locations, user locations editor is limited to 20 points per map, and the "containing" option in vector data search is inactive
  • there is a simpler and cheaper application available: PrettyEarth
  • users who purchased version 3.x can upgrade to 4.x for $15.

Minimum Requirements:

  • 1 MB free memory

Get it here for $24.95.


WLink v2.0 by Megasoft2000 is a wireless manager that allows you to use all communication facilities of your device intended for file and data transfer.


  • Explorer: File and folders operations, Preferences editing
  • Bluetooth: OBEX connection, File transfer
  • IrDA: File transfer (IR)
  • LAN: Operation in local networks (Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/GPRS/EVDO)
  • FTP: Operation with FTP servers (Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/GPRS/EVDO)
  • Wi-Fi access points scanner
  • Nearby Bluetooth devices scanner
  • WLink internet traffic meter.

Updates in v2.0

  • Added Wi-Fi access points scanner
  • Added nearby Bluetooth devices scanner
  • Added WLink internet traffic meter
  • Lots of bug fixes and improvements.

WLink is available here for $19.95.

Utilities Bundle

RoGame Software has updated Utilities Bundle to v4.1.6. Utilities Bundle is a compilation of our applications Destaller Pro, SilkScreen, and SprayPaint at a very attractive price. All applications are optimized for Palm OS 5 and work perfectly on the Treo 600 and Treo 650. SilkScreen requires Palm OS 5. As always you can download and install a DEMO to see whether things run fine on your handheld. Here is a short description of what is included:

These utilities are all bestsellers in their own right, but are for the first time bundled at an extremely attractive price. Download the demo - give it a try. These titles are also available individually.


  • Keep Things Running - Destaller Pro is an application oriented uninstaller.
  • Applications store many different files that often cause resets and the necessity to do a hard reset when not removed properly. Destaller removes this danger and headache. In addition Destaller allows you to maximize the memory of your device by allowing to safely remove single files, 'a68k' Files, saved and unsaved preferences and much more.
  • Work Better - SilkScreen lets you perform all of the functions normally associated with the bottom part of a Palm device - the silkscreen - in the main display area. It also serves as an application launcher and has several other useful features like Virtual Graffiti, so that you can write in the main display area of the display. It does this in a unique manner by reserving small programmable tap areas at the corners and sides of the display screen and thus is immensely useful for devices with either collapsable Graffiti areas like the Tungsten series and devices without such an area like the Treo600.
  • Look Good - SprayPaint lets you select your own custom colors for things like backgrounds, menu frames, list and button background, texts and hilites and many more. It is a very easy to configure and save application and you won't believe for how long you have been staring at white buttons with white fills, after you have configured your own favourite color scheme. To make it easy there are lots of template schemes already pre-configured, so just dive in!

Get it here for $29.95.


Ear Training to Go

EarMan by RoGame Software has been updated to v1.4.2.

One of the most important skills for musicians of any kind is the ability to correctly identify intervals by ear. Ear training is therefore a substantial building block of any kind of music education. Typically practicing this skill happens during class or with a private tutor and takes some time. EarMan is a tool that can enhance proficiency in ear training and can aid greatly in the process of advancing in this difficult subject.

The program offers a way for “spot learning” where specific interval sets can be practiced in specific ranges. This can be used to focus on weaknesses. Every session is graded in once completed. In addition EarMan offers a complete curriculum that trains the user step by step from correctly identifying simple intervals in limited groups to the full range including compound intervals.

EarMan uses RoGame’s sound library and includes a Grand Piano library for playback on devices with Palm OS 5.0 and higher. Intervals a shown in grand staff notation to aid the learning process. Interval sets include complementary intervals. The interface for the application has been designed to be free from distractions so that one can fully concentrate on the sound.

Also available at a reduced rate as part of Music Bundle Gold.


  • all intervals
  • compound intervals
  • selectable ranges
  • included curriculum
  • automatic grading
  • realistic piano sound
  • compatible with RoGame's sound library

EarMan is available here for $16.95.

Daily Quote

Daily Quote by Tamoggemon Software has been updated to v3.0.

Ever read a quote and thought: thats it! I want to see it in the morning when powering on my Palm for the first time? Ever wanted to have a quote database on your PDA? Tamoggemon Daily Quote for Palm OS is your solution!

Daily Quote allows you to create quote databases on the go or download them from Tamoggemon Daily Quote OnLine! You can have 2 quotes in your database - or 5000...its all your choice!

Daily Quote excels at flexibly displaying the quotes from the databases. You choose when you want to see a quote - and Daily Quote complies.

The quote gets popped up over the currently active application - dismissing it allows you to continue with your work!

Plug-ins allow you to integrate Daily Quote quotes into ShSh 2day and ZLauncher!

Download the free 14-day trial and see for yourself what Daily Quote can do for you! Of course, you are covered by Tamoggemon's award winning customer support all the time!


  • Create quote databases on the go
  • Contains over 100 interesting quotes in internal database
  • Show quote at first start-up of day, every hour or every time your device powers on
  • Quote popups - continue working with the active application after reading the quote
  • 2day plug-in - integrate quotes into ShSh 2day
  • ZLauncher plug-in - integrate quotes into ZLauncher

Updates in v3.0

  • ZLauncher plugin released
  • Support for system lock
  • Incoming phone call window no longer obscured by Daily Quote popup
  • Quote sequence options

Get it here for $9.95.


GoTreo Software has updated RingCare to v2.36.

RingCare Mobile is a ringtone management solution that allows you to use mp3's and midi tones for incoming phone calls, text messages and voicemail.

Installing RingCare Mobile on your Treo will allow you to assign unique tones to each contact, phone number, company name and/or contact category. RingCare also has partial support for Goodlink users!!!


  • Complete Ringtone management
  • * Phone Calls
  • * Text Messages
  • * Voicemail
  • - MP3 and MIDI support
  • - Support for contact GROUPS
  • - Automatic discovery of MP3 files
  • - Creates TASKS for missed and ignored calls
  • - Captures some Goodlink contacts
  • - Integrates with VolumeCare
  • - Detects and automatically handles missing SD Cards
  • - Converts MP3 files into the Treo‘s internal Ringtone format

Updates in v2.36

  • FIXED: SMS alert bug
  • ADDED: New default ringtones for Known and Unknown callers

RingCare is available here for $29.95.

SMS Count

Fabian Heuwieser has updated SMS Count to v2.0.

This program allows the user to count all the outgoing SMS messages.

The new version now also counts all the incoming SMSs.

It works on the Treo 600, 650 and 700p.

The sent SMSs are categoriesed into monthly sent and total sent.

The incoming SMSs are also counted in a seperate counter. You can also change the counter of the sent SMSs.

If you enter the price of a single SMS then the program counts the money spent on SMS. You can also set an alert when you want to be informed about the number of the sent SMSs so that you don't go over your limit.

The new version has many new features and bug fixes. You can change the numbers of the sent SMSs and you can see a graph of the sent SMSs for each month.

In the Demoversion some functions are not included and it only runs for 3 days.


  • For your Treo Smartphone
  • Control the number of sent messages
  • Get an average of your sent SMSs

You can get SMS Count here for $6.95.

Music Bundle

RoGame Software has updated Music Bundle to v6.6.

This bundle includes our popular music applications Almond, DaCapo, and Mozart at a great price. It gives any music student a headstart with the most common needs - learning to read music, music terminology and a metronome. A great gift to anybody who studies an instrument at any level. These programs are used in many schools and a great tool for music education. All applications are also available just by themselves.


  • Almond - is a musical terms database and reader. In addition to most common phrases in music today also standard Italian and German terminology is included. Definitions are easily copied to the clipboard for use in MemoPad and other applications. Almond's database can be included in the global Find application for easy access.
  • DaCapo - keeps the beat for you. In addition to regular metronome functions, like Italian speed names bpm display, adjustable tuning pitch and visual indicator there are many other features. Accents can be set at different intervals to emulate meters like 3/4 or 7/8. Also measure groupings can be created like a 12 measure blues form. In addition DaCapo features easy access with big buttons, hardkey mapping and great graphic layout. A must-have for practicing on the road. Supports Palm OS 5 and the Tungsten 5-way button.
  • Mozart - is a new game for musicians. In the tradition of Giraffe you are confronted with a steady stream of notes that you have to input correctly. The slight difference is that you'll need to know the name of the note, before you tap the buttons. The difficulty increases until you need to identify several ledger lines above and below the staff. You can choose different clefs and input methods as well as two player levels.

Music Bundle is available here for $39.95.

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