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Palm Treo 755p Radio Patch for Alltel Available

Wed Jun 11, 2008 - 3:10 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


Palm has posted the Treo 755p Smartphone Radio Patch for Alltel on their Support website. The update was posted on the site on May 29th 2008, but I just heard about it today, thanks to a tip from Bla1ze.

According to Palm's Support site, the software update is "for a phone reset issue that occurs under certain specific and rare conditions".

To see if you need this update, on your Treo, press Phone, and then press Menu. From the Options menu, select Phone Info. Then look for the Software Version. If you see Treo755p-1.02-CDMA, an update is necessary and will take approximately 30-45 minutes.

If you see Treo755p-1.03-CDMA, No update is necessary.

You can download the update and read more information here.

TreoCentral forum member rdgoeson4ever started a thread about the update and said:

I have finished the update with no problems. (make sure you have a good backup of course). The update notes just claim this is just for stability upgrades and such.

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