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Vaja Treo Case

Wed Nov 6, 2002 - 9:32 AM EST - By Dieter Bohn


There is a downside to the case, however, and that is its functionality. Of course, it holds and protects the Treo very well, and like any good belt-clip it's not going anywhere you don't want it to. But that nub-style belt clip means that the case sticks out from your belt a bit more than would otherwise be necessary. I suppose the "Ultra" in Vaja's "Ultra Clip" refers to the fact that it is just about the best nub-style clip I've even used.

There is also the problem of the top of the case, a kind of flap that snaps on to secure the Treo. First of all, it has only one opening on the top--for the antenna. This means that a) you can only insert the Treo a certain way and b) you can't see the sound switch or signal indicator. "a" is a very minor caveat, one you learn to live with. But "b" is a pain, you have to un-snap it to get a look at your signal indicator or switch.

A cell phone ringing in class is perhaps the single most annoying intrusion of technology into my life, mainly because for a split second a fear clutches my heart that it is my phone that is ringing. I need to check that switch. Often.

They do, however, leave the headphone jack available, which is useful and appreciated.

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