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Electric Blue Centro: Hands-On

Thu Jul 24, 2008 - 12:11 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

Electrify me, Please!

Palm's Official Blog announced on July 8th that Palm would be releasing an Electric Blue Centro on Friday, July 11th. The price of the AT&T Centro was also lowered to $69.99 that day for the AT&T Centro line until September 20th. Many people think that Palm announced this because Apple was releasing the iPhon 3G on that same Friday.

The Electric Blue Centro for AT&T adds another color choice to the lineup that already includes Glacier White and Obsidian Black. I got to try out the Glacier White when it first came out and then I bought an Obsidian Black Centro. I love both those colors! Then Verizon got the Cobalt Blue and I sure was wishing that I could have a pretty Blue Centro. And then, what do ya know? AT&T now has the Electric Blue! And I just got my hands on one yesterday when the FedEx truck pulled up to my driveway! WooHoo! The Electric Blue is a beauty! I LOVE this color! Love it! To me, it's a silvery blue. I've always loved that particular color. I used to wish that I had a car that color. Anyway, I like this Electric Blue better than the Cobalt Blue. when I opened the box yesterday and saw that Centro sitting in the top of the box like a blue sapphire on display, you know the drool glands got all worked up. That just can't be helped. I'm weak people,... so weak when it comes to gadgets. But whaddya gonna do? This beauty of a Centro has electrified me with love at first sight!

Just about everything is the same on the Electric Blue except the color of course and the color of the stylus. And the keyboard, which has mostly blue, glassy keys where the Obsidian Black Centro's keyboard has black, glassy keys. The number keys and the option key are white. And the numbers, letters and symbols are all in black whereas on the Black Centro, the letters are all in white and the numbers are in black.

One tiny, odd difference that I noticed when typing on the Electric Blue keyboard is that the keys feel somehow slightly more "squishy" and don't have as much squeekiness when my fingernails are pressing against them. The Electric Blue's keys are a little softer feeling. On the Black Centro, the keys feel a little tighter, and they feel as if they've just been cleaned so well that they squeek whenever touched. I hope that makes sense. I know I'm not imagining it because I've typed enough on the Black Centro to know how it feels, and the Electric Blue keyboard definitely feels different. That's not a bad thing though. In fact, I rather prefer the feel of the Electric Blue keyboard.

Just like Ryan over at Palm Infocenter mentioned in his Electric Blue hands-on, the blue color does "pop". He also said that the color doesn't overwhelm with sparkle. That too is true, but boyhowdy, it really does sparkle when the light hits it and when you're looking at it up close. I love the sparkle though.

I love seeing the Electric Blue Centro sitting on my desk. It certainly adds a spark of color.

More Photos:

Well, that's it for this unboxing! Hmmm, the Treo 680 looks a tad "brickish" next to the Centros, huh?

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