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Verizon Treo 700wx Gets WM6 Update

Thu Sep 11, 2008 - 12:25 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


WMExperts is reporting that Palm has finally released the WM6 update for the Treo 700wx.

Improvements in WM6 include:

  • Calendar functionality - See the big picture at a glance. A Topline bar in the agenda view shows when you're free or busy, and when you have scheduling conflicts. Drill down to view meeting attendees, contact information, acceptance status, and reply-to or forward meeting requests.
  • Email support- Send and receive HTML emails with tables, bullets, and colored text intact1,2,The "smart filter" for contact search is available so you can search for emails stored on your company's Exchange Server2. Send an automated "out-of-office" message from your device2.
  • Office 2007 support - Open and edit Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Office Excel® documents, and view Microsoft Office PowerPoint® documents. Backward compatible with Office 2003.
  • Windows Vista® compatibility - Easily sync your smartphone to your Windows Vista PC, via the Windows Mobile Device Centre (WMDC).
  • Powerful security and IT policies2 - Remotely wipe devices and SD cards clean in case of loss or theft. Plus, IT can create and enforce tougher security policies, such as password protection to better manage the entire device fleet.
  • Email hot keys - Work in the fast lane with single-key access to your most frequently used email functions. Press "r" to reply, "a" to reply all, or "m" to move to one of your folders.
  • Email Inbox search - Find that important document or email. Automatically search for attachments, senders, or keywords by simply typing a few letters while you're in your email inbox.
  • Access Sharepoint - Get what you need then get going. Access documents stored on your company's SharePoint servers via links in HTML emails1,2.

You can download the update via Microsoft ActiveSync. This release will update the software on your Verizon Treo 700wx to the latest release, version 1.24. The update includes Microsoft® Windows Mobile® 6 Professional operating system. It also includes fixes and changes from previous releases.

In his article, Malatesta says:

Users in our forum are reporting that their devices are actually zippier than before, while a few say slightly more sluggish, so YMMV.

To download the software and for more information about the Treo 700wx Updater 1.24, go here.

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