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Software Developer Sets Out to Create Palm OS Compatible Operating System

Wed Oct 22, 2008 - 12:58 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


Software developer Dmitry Grinberg had recently announced that nuRom for LifeDrive and PowerSDHC were going to be his last major projects for Palm OS. Grinberg is well known for his apps over at his site PalmPowerups.

Fellow writer Mike Guccione reported back in August that PalmPowerups had received a cease & desist letter from from Palm, Inc. via a law firm because of his use of Palm's trademarked name.

One of our readers, Herman, wrote in last week and sent us a link to a post that Grinberg had made over in the Palm Infocenter comments section regarding the article "Centro is the Summers 4th Most Popular Smartphone". Grinberg had said in the post that he planned to "buy the rights to the source of OS 5.0, add protected memory model, and export multithreading API. Plus he said that he would release a new OS that is binarily compatible with OS5, but is stable and allows all the new features (liek multitasking)".

Turns out that Grinberg meant what he'd said. I read over at Brighthand today that Grinburg is setting out to build a new operating system called DGOS which will run on Palm hardware and also be compatible with current Palm OS software.

Grinburg apparently announced his intentions in a post over at the 1src forums last Tuesday. So he had actually announced the plans for the DGOS in two forums, but the announcement in the 1src forums had more information.

Grinberg said that his DGOS will eventually be 100% Palm OS compatible, and better than PalmOS. He said that DGOS is well on its way.

Grinberg also commented on an interview he'd done over at TamsPalm. Tam Hanna asked Grinberg during the interview what he saw as the future of the Palm OS/Garnet OS economy as a whole. Grinberg replied:

"Garnet? dead. PalmOS, not so much"

At the end of the interview, Tam Hanna had asked Grinberg if there was anything he'd like to add to what he'd already said. Grinberg replied:

"do not let palmos die. it lives as long as we do not give up on it"

In Grinberg's DGOS announcement at 1src, he said that he wanted to set the record straight and take back what he'd said in the interview about PalmOS and GarnetOS not being dead. He revised it to "Palm Inc's PalmOS may be dead, but hold on to your applications. DGOS will blow you away".

I look forward to seeing Grinberg's new OS when he's finished with it. You can read more about Dmitry Grinberg's upcoming DGOS over at the 1src forums. There are some interesting questions asked which Grinberg answers.

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