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Access Announces ALP 3.0

Fri Oct 24, 2008 - 12:45 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


Access recently unveiled their new version of the Access Linux Platform (ALP). As you know, Access is the company that bought PalmSource. Their new ALP 3.0 comes from the creators of the successful Garnet OS, formerly known as Palm OS. ALP 3.0 continues the Garnet OS heritage of enabling the development of full-featured, easy to use connected mobile devices.

According to the Access announcement, their Access Linux Platfrom 3.0 provides an advanced UI and LiMo compatibility essential to major carriers worldwide.

In CrunchGear's article on ALP 3.0, they note that the new ALP isn't what you'll see on Palm's upcoming devices. They even have a quote from Palm saying as much:

I know that you never come right out and say that this is PalmÂ’s official new OS, but just to be clear, the new Access OS is not the same as the OS we are developing. The development of our next OS is being handled all internally, and we are on track to introduce products based on that OS in the first half of 2009.

Access also introduced Access Linux Platform mini, which they say is a compact, commercial-grade Linux platform designed for mobile and next-generation Internet-enabled devices.

From the press release:

ACCESS Linux Platform mini features a scalable and customizable platform that includes a comprehensive application suite suitable for devices ranging from feature phones and low-end smartphones to Internet-enabled, beyond-PC devices, such as portable navigation devices, portable media players and set-top boxes.

Access said that their Access Linux Platform mini is immediately available to licensees, but they didn't specify when ALP 3.0 would be available.

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