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Palm Releases Verizon Centro ROM Update - Specific Details Now Named

Mon Nov 3, 2008 - 12:50 PM EST - By Jennifer Chappell


Update: Palm Infocenter is reporting on the specific details of the ROM update. According to PIC, a member of Palm's technical support staff has posted some information to the Palm.com support forums with additional details on the newly-released Verizon Centro 1.03 ROM update:

"The first is to add an error message when there is "no service" and a call is dropped if applicable. Here is the technical explanation (Palm has added software support where if service is lost immediately after origination, modem disconnects the call with "no service" error which is not handled as an error. So no UI is displayed. This was fixed by adding in a handling code of "no service" call disconnect as an error.)"
The second is for the Columbus Ohio and has to do with a NAM programming. Here is the technical explanation ("Upon programming of the NAM via the keypad, OTASP/OTAPA, or support tool, this setting shall be set to Automatic-A if the first SID/NID pair entry of the current NAM is odd, or set to Automatic-B if the first SID/NID pair entry of the current NAM is even.

Don't forget to check out the TreoCentral forum thread on the update. You can find other details about what has been improved there.

According to Palm Infocenter, Palm has released a ROM update for the Verizon Centro. There sure isn't much information on the update. Palm's support site says:

This software update is a minor tune-up that may improve device usability in certain situations.

To see if you need this update, go to your Phone function, then press Menu. From the Options menu, select Phone Info. Look for the Software item, and if the version number is lower than 1.03 and the end of the string says VZW, you can install this update.

For Windows users, you can download and install the update with (20.7 MB zip file) or without (21.3 MB file) an expansion card and reader. Mac users will require an expansion card and reader (20.7 MB zip file) to install the udpate.

For more information on this version 1.03 update, go here.

I'm not quite sure what this update does exactly. I looked in our TreoCentral forums and found a thread on the subject started by lyrictenor1. Some of our forum members have already downloaded the update and they say that it went flawlessly, though they aren't sure what has changed since getting the update.

Forum member jj2me wonders if the update has anything to do with Verzion removing the pay-as-you-go data plan:

"Like maybe they are removing the ability to set up a Network in Prefs that goes to Cradle/Cable (a non-connecting dummy that you can use to alternate between Broadband Access and the dummy)."

lyrictenor1 responds to someone asking what the update does, if anything:

"I'm assuming one of the improvements in device usability is improved BT performance, as I've been experiencing as of late. It's still too early for me to be conclusive about it though."

And forum member hkklife says that in the past, these vaguely worded Verizon ROM updates have usually brought about radio tweaks:

"For example, in the 755p Verizon ROM update of this past summer, I noticed a small but noticable improvement in how my 755p was able to hang onto a signal in frange areas. Unfortunately this came at the expense of battery life."

If you download the Verizon 1.03 update for your Centro and you notice any improvements, let us know here in our forums.

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