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CrackBerry.com on the Treo Pro

Mon Nov 24, 2008 - 2:51 PM EST - By Dieter Bohn


The big news last week over at CrackBerry.com definitely has to be the release and reviews of the BlackBerry Storm. There's definitely a lot to read about there (and heck, there may be a Storm bonus round to the Smartphone Round Robin soon), but for us the big news is that CrackBerry Kevin set aside his Storm for long enough to Review the Treo Pro.

We won't comment much on the cheap-shot above except to say that yeah, there are legacy things like a stylus and an on-screen keyboard, but you don't really need either. Actually, to be fair, that's exactly the point - the Treo Pro gets plenty of kudos despite some of the oddities inherent in Windows Mobile.

Definitely head over to CB and read the review, then head on into our forums for a chance to win a Treo Pro of your own (Full contest rules here). Do you agree that the Treo Pro is a "stop and use" device instead of an "on the go" device?

The first round of the Smartphone Round Robin is now complete! Check out our update page to get a hint at what's coming on Wednesday!

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