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Sprint Treo Hands On at WMExperts

Thu Jan 29, 2009 - 4:19 AM EST - By Jennifer Chappell

Yep, our sister site WMExperts got their hands on that wishy washy released date Sprint Treo Pro. I'm really glad that Malatesta was able to snag one because I figured it would probably be awhile before anyone got a hold of one. There is a thread in our forums regarding the delays. Seems that the Sprint Treo Pros have a software glitch of some type and will be going back for a ROM reflash. I guess the few people who did manage to walk out of a store with a Sprint Treo Pro will be sending them back.

Malatesta has taken the Treo Pro for a spin and has posted his first thoughts and some mouth watering photos to boot.

Mal let's us know that the Sprint Treo Pro is an exact port of the GSM version, with some minor changes for CDMA, the biggest being the inclusion of Mobile Internet Explorer 6, plus a bump in storage memory.

And speaking of memory, in the article, Mal says that it only has 43mb of free RAM (program memory) after a boot but that it's not been a problem so far with regular use.But... I did just now read a post by Mal in the forums where he talks about the RAM being too little. Hopefully, this will be something that will be addressed when the Treo Pros are sent back for repairs regarding the software glitches.

Anyway, head over to WMExperts and check out Malatesta's hands on and be sure to look at all the great pics too!

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