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Spb Software Develops Windows Mobile Netflix Application

Thu Feb 12, 2009 - 7:49 PM EST - By Jennifer Chappell

Spb Software today announced that they have worked closely with Microsoft and Netflix to develop the first official Netflix application for Windows phones.

Mobile Manager for Netflix Features:

  • Seamlessly interfaces with the Netflix web service
  • Allows searching the entrie Netflix library
  • Viewing the movie details
  • Managing the DVD queue
  • Adding movies to Instant Queue directly from Windows Mobile phones

And the unique exclusive feature of Mobile Manager for Netflix is the ability to play trailers of movies, directly on your phone.

The Mobile Manager for Netflix was developed in cooperation between Microsoft, Netflix, and Spb Software. If you've used Spb's apps like Spb Wallet, Spb Online, etc., you should be familiar with The Mobile Manager's interface because it's built on the Spb Mobile Shell UI engine. This UI engine allows optimizing the efficiency of the user interface and speed of service navigation. Plus it streamlines the Netflix mobile user experience, allowing subscribers to preview movie trailers on the go, add selected items to the DVD queue, or the Instant Queue - to instantly watch movies on TV screens using Microsoft's Xbox 360.

This sounds pretty cool. I have a Netflix account and I love being able to watch movies on my laptop instantly. I think I'll download the Mobile Manager for Netflix on my Treo Pro and give it a whirl. It'll be neat to be able to manage my DVD queue and adding movies straight from my Treo Pro. And watching movie trailers will be fun too!If you want to check out the Mobile Manger for Netflix on your WM Treo, download it here.

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