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Top 10 Best Sellers in Palm OS and Windows Mobile/Pocket PC Apps

Wed Apr 15, 2009 - 5:46 AM EDT - By Neal Martin


Looking for some fun or useful apps for your Treo or Centro? Sometimes I can get a pretty good idea of what's worthwhile to pick up by browsing through the best selling apps in the TreoCentral Store.

There are so many apps to choose from for our Palm smartphones, and sometimes it's hard to narrow down the options. So I tend to see what's popular and what is selling the best. Chances are, if lots of other people like the app, I will too.

I see that TouchLauncher is still the #1 best seller in the Palm OS apps. It was the #1 app back when I reviewed it last October too. TouchLauncher is a cool program for sure. The version I reviewed was 1.2, and I see that TouchLauncher has been updated to 2.2 now.

Check out the video below about version 2.2, and you'll see why TouchLauncher is so popular. $6.99 is a great price too!

So sift through the Top 10 Palm OS and WM/PPC apps below and see if you see something that catches your eye.

Palm OS:

  1. TouchLauncher - a sleek new launcher for Palm OS.
  2. PalmaryClock Wireless for Treo and Centro - Look up weather around the world, convert currencies and more!
  3. CallRec - Record important phone calls or voice memo and listen to them later
  4. TAKEphONE - Find/Call/Edit contacts fast & easy. No stylus (one hand) operation. Check out my TAKEphONE review here!
  5. Weather ( infinity subscription ) - Make your own weather station at Palm now! I reviewed Weather back when it was in BETA here!
  6. Ringo Pro - MP3 Ringtone Player
  7. VolumeCare Pro - Bring your Treo or Centro alive with amazing MP3 ringtones - set personal tones and pictures for friends and groups.
  8. UltimatePhone - UltimatePhone is where your Treo experience begins and ends providing a gateway to web 2.0!
  9. 4cast - Today & next 4 day’s weather, plus radar images and weather alerts
  10. USB Modem (Palm) - Use Treo 600/650/ 680/700p/755p or Centro smartphone as a GPRS/EDGE or CDMA 1x/EvDO USB modem for PC or Mac

Windows Mobile/Pocket PC:

  1. CorePlayer Mobile For Windows Mobile / PocketPC -Affordable, Easy-To-Use Multimedia Playback
  2. Spb Mobile Shell - The first program a Pocket PC user needs to install
  3. MagiCall (for PocketPC) - A tool for dual-way calls filtering and SMS filtering
  4. Elecont Weather Forecast and Barometer - The best-selling 10-day and Hour by Hour Weather Forecast with Weather Alerts
  5. MobileRemote - MobileRemote transforms your phone into a wireless Bluetooth mouse, keyboard and media controller
  6. Elecont Launcher for Pocket PC and Smartphone - Powerful touch friendly launcher with animated effects.
  7. SmartTweaker 2008 - >> Tune and Speed-Up your Mobile! <<
  8. PdaNet for Windows Mobile -Use your Windows Mobile Smartphone as a Wireless Modem for your PC
  9. Ringo Mobile - Get easy access to your ringtones - easily set MP3 and WMA ringtones - and set personal tones for friends and groups
  10. Agenda One v2 - Award winning time and contact management made so easy! - Smartphone/Pocket PC Magazine 2008 Winner! Organize your world like never before

If you didn't see something that you need or like there, no worries, because there's plenty more software to browse, be it games, utilities, medical software, music apps, photo apps, reference apps, or whatever. Don't just talk on your Palm smartphone, have fun with it and take advantage of all its cool abilities.

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