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Is this a Treo Pro Prototype?

Mon Apr 27, 2009 - 6:15 PM EDT - By Dieter Bohn


Here's a fun game for Monday afternoon: head on over to the Bio page for Palm CEO Ed Colligan, left click just to the left of his title, and view image. Turns out the background image is a wee bit bigger than what's viewable in the browser. Also turns out he's got something a bit interesting in his hand: a device that looks almost but not quite like a Treo Pro. We're feeling like it's a prototype of the device. The camera looks 'double wide,' which we're guessing means that there once was a self-portrait mirror. It also looks a tad thicker than it really ought, but at these levels of graininess it's rather tough to say. Heck, maybe it's just our eyes playing tricks on us.

No, not news, but hey, for Treo Fans we'll take what we can get while all the Palm attention is focused on the Palm Pre. Click through for the full image.

Update: Looks like the page no longer hides the bottom of the image (that, or our browsers starting working properly). The device in Colligan's hands - still feeling like it's not precisely the Treo Pro we know and love.

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