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SnapperMail 3.0 Now Available

Tue Apr 28, 2009 - 8:56 AM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

SnapperMail has recently been updated to version 3.0. I've never used SnapperMail but have always heard positive things about it. SnapperMail works like your desktop email app and can receive and open attachments when paired with software such as Documents to Go. SnapperMail's main features are:

  1. Native Attachments
  2. Robust User Friendly Interface
  3. Manual/Auto Delivery
  4. IMAP 4 Accounts
  5. Ghost Messages
  6. Unlimited Folders, Accounts, and Mail Storage
  7. Smartphone Navigation

The feature selection for SnapperMail version 3.0 has focused on improving the speed of viewing information, finding information, and navigating information.

Version 3.0 adds Four Main Features:

  1. Online server mailbox search (Enterprise Edition only)
  2. Message list filter
  3. Small font in message list
  4. Faster navigation

There have also been many bug fixes and smaller improvements included in version 3.0

SnapperMail version 3.0 is a major version upgrade so there is a fee to upgrade. This is the second upgrade fee charged in the lifetime of SnapperMail.

Head over to snappermail.com/trial to try version 3.0 of SnapperMail, and go to snappermail.com/store/upgrade to upgrade your version of SnapperMail. There is a link on the sign-in form if you have forgotten your sign in details.

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